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Challenge - Can You Match Donation to Save and Vet Abused Senior Hound - WV

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  • Amy Lionberger
    Jane Walbridge wrote: PLEASE CROSS POST! He has a name - Jug - now he needs treatment. He _won_ t be euthed _if _he can get enough funds
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006
      Jane Walbridge <janegael@...> wrote:

      PLEASE CROSS POST! He has a name - Jug - now he needs treatment. He
      _won_'t be euthed _if _he can get enough funds donated to be vetted.

      _Contact: jaime0801@..._
      /*This just breaks my heart ... this poor poor soul needs help and a
      loving home! I'm sure he's simply exhausted and so relieved to be off
      the streets. */

      /*_I would like to challenge others to match my pledge of $100 for this
      poor boy! _ */

      Donations can be made through PayPal at:

      If anyone would prefer to mail a money order or check to help with this
      poor boy please mail it to:

      Sandy Mallow
      HC 89 Box 13A
      Durbin, WV 26264
      and put "Old Man's medical care" on the check so she will know where to
      put the funds.

      Also, if anyone is willing to pay but would rather pay the vet directly
      please contact us for further details and what you would like to help
      with regarding his sponsorship.

      " Durbin, WV - I am asking again for you to help with donations and a
      rescue or
      permanent home for a very old hound. This poor boy was picked up in the
      heat of the day on a mountain road and has obviously been severely
      neglected. He was very emaciated, is partially blind, and is believed to
      either be deaf or going deaf, and Lord only knows what else is actually
      wrong with him. It also appears in the picture that he has a foot
      deformity. Sandy believes him to be either deaf or going deaf because she
      actually had to get up in the kennel and gently shake him awake to let
      him know his food was there. She led him down to the food. So sad for
      this poor boy, but he sure deserves the help he needs.

      This poor old man needs medical attention as soon as possible as Sandy
      is unsure what is wrong with him other than the obvious and his age.
      Please help this dog get the medical attention he needs so he will not
      suffer. Sandy just picked him up a couple of days ago and she is holding
      him in hopes that someone will step up and at least sponsor him.
      Hole in the Wall Rescue

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