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Attention ALL Pom Lovers!!!

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  • Joanie Stambaugh
    Permission to CROSS POST!!! Wonderful opportunity!!! Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 06:21:07 -0800 (PST) From: Loushel Troxell loushel@yahoo.com Subject: Pom Lovers To:
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      Permission to CROSS POST!!! Wonderful opportunity!!!

      Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 06:21:07 -0800 (PST)
      From: Loushel Troxell loushel@...
      Subject: Pom Lovers
      To: the_hard_luck_hounds@...

      We need you ! Pom Posse is a national Pomeranian rescue group. Our website is at www.pomposse.com
      Our rescue efforts are based on a database updated daily of dogs in shelters across the U.S.
      The following positions are open and we are looking for people to co-chair the duties as this is all volunteer.We are a fun, active yahoogroup as well as a licensed business with 501c3 pending ( tax status).
      Foster homes:  Supply a loving, nurturing environment for a rescue pom. All vetting is paid by Pom Posse and there is a Yahoo support group for our foster parents.
      Foster Den Mothers: Individuals to moderate the foster group, answer questions on vetting, keep morale up, databases organized. Vetting coordinator ( keeps track on who needs vetting and makes sure proper procedures are followed to avoid problems) Great for people who enjoy discussing their fosters and/or knowledgeable about various health/behavior issues.
      Rescue Committee: Call on dogs in the database and record information in the database, intake coordinator ( record info on all dogs brought into group), Shelter liaison ( make sure shelters get all the information needed for us to be able to work with them), transport coordinator.
      Adoption liaison ( contact adopters to follow up on how PP pommies are doing in their new homes), Application directors ( make sure applications are processed in a timely manner and recorded in the database as well as processing apps, when an application is approved notifying applicant and foster mom and making sure contract and adoption fees are taken in prior to transport of pupper) Application processors ( processing applications for adoption/fostering within a 3-5 day time period)
      Pom Promotion: writing bios on our adoptable dogs, maintaining our 800 save a pet sites
      Sewing: we need people to sew belly bands and stockings !!!!!  Orders need tracked in database and payments monitored.
      Fund raising: Internal raffles, Ebay selling, promotion of our cookbooks and belly bands, promoting sponsorship for our puppers requiring extensive vetting. Encouraging $ 5.oo monthly donation to help with vetting and pull fees.
      Membership leaders: Greeting all new members, helping them get their info in the database, explaining our procedures and being available for questions about Pom Posse. Keeping morale up by bringing a sunny disposition to the board on a daily basis, thanking members for their efforts and accomplishments.Social butterflies this is for you !!

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