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HELP find Abby The Crabby Brown Tabby!

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  • Purrever Ranch (Rita C Wood)
    HELP FIND ABBY THE CRABBY BROWN TABBY! PLEASE CROSSPOST!!!! LOST: Brown Tabby Age: 7 Yrs Old Spayed Female Microchip# 4673393357 Petfinder #156472
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2005
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      LOST:  Brown Tabby
      Age:  7 Yrs Old
      Spayed Female
      Microchip# 4673393357
      Petfinder #156472
      RESCUED from: 2717 Bradbury Drive, Meraux, La on 9/29/05

      Rebecca Caruso silvertrans1550@...
      Address: 889 N. 2401 Rd. Oglesby, IL 61348

      Contact Phone Numbers:
      Home 815-431-0680
      Rebecca 815-343-9275
      Peggy 815-508-1180
      Jack 815-481-4461
      Henry 815-343-0978
      Our cat is named Abby. Abby the Crabby Tabby because she has Cattitude.  She was the
      boss of us. Her coloring is classic Tabby grey/silver/black with a little brown on her stomach
      and her nose. .

      I put an ad on petfinders.com and someone from that site called me to say they would go out to the house.  They found and rescued one cat, Abby. The others I can only assume didnt make it. She was rescued on 09/29/2005. A WHOLE MONTH after the storm hit. I have no idea how she survived. She was taken to Lamar-dixon in gonzales, LA. They moved her shortly
      afterward and I have know Idea where she has been moved to. I called the HSUS and they could only take a message with a promise to call back.

      Abby is a female born in November of 1998. She is spayed and her shots are up to date. The HSUS put a microchip in her Microchip# 4673393357.  She has a picture up on the www.petfinders.com website Tracking ID# 156472.

      The address she came from was 2717 Bradbury Drive, Meraux, La 70075, In Lexington Place Subdivision. across the street from kmart and sav-a-center.

      The old contact number we used was 504-432-4134.  We do have new contact information. Since hurricane Katrina has wiped out our ENTIRE parish. We are living in Illinois. (Please see info listed above)

      Rita Cockrell Wood, Founder
      Purrever Ranch   (A Sanctuary For Senior Kittizens)
      Newspaper Article & Photos of Katrina Trip
      "Each cat I have reminds me of unconditional love.  If I'm with my cats I'm also with God"   Wynonna

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