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Needed: KY:Financial help for Hope and babies

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  • gnapier@earthlink.net
    Please crosspost! I m sad to report that Hope s condition during pregnancy has apparently affected her babies. While she is thriving and gaining weight
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      Please crosspost!

      I'm sad to report that Hope's condition during pregnancy has apparently affected her babies. While she is thriving and gaining weight finally, two of her babies have been seizing. Two weeks ago, little Skye hung herself on an expen, and the next day, began seizing. Well, after a week of intense medication, she has been seizure free for nearly 4 days! She is acting like a normal puppy now, and we are weaning her off her dependence on some of the drugs. She seems to be doing well. Last night, Sunny, had a seizure, and another one this morning. All the other puppies are doing great. Tues., I noticed Sunny was a bit tired when I stopped by, but didn't think anything about it, as puppies eat, play and sleep (and potty a lot). Her color was good, everything. She ate, and then perked right up and joined the puppy party. All puppies (but Skye) were recently vacc. with Pfizer's vanguard plus (no lepto or corona), so we feel this may have triggered her seizure. It takes a great deal of funds to get the medications and lab work done on these babies, so we are looking for guardian angels to these two girls. If anyone can help, please let me know. If you can't help, your prayers would be much appreciated. I just posted their new pictures at www.petfinder.org/shelters/KY143.html

      There is a paypal account set up for them at k9_helper1979@...

      We must get the prescriptions from the pharmacy, so it is difficult to make donations to them. We do have an outstanding bill with Dr. Grubbs for $90, so if you can sponsor that and want to donate via check, I will email you privately my address.

      Please keep these babies in your prayers. They are 9 weeks old today, and have survived so much! We're going to give it all we have to get these two well, and pray that all the others remain healthy.

      Puppy hugs and puppy breath to all!
      Geri Sipe

      Owner/Moderator of KYRescueTransportandAwareness
      Outreach Coordinator, Mercer County Humane Society
      Adoption and Outreach Coordinator, Northern Dog and Hopewell Rescue
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