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Update on Shayna And Blanca We love UUUU

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    I spent an hour with Shayna s vet yesterday going over options. We ve decided to do the FHO on her right side only. For a couple of reasons. Shayna has hit a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
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      I spent an hour with Shayna's vet yesterday going over options. We've decided to do the FHO on her right side only. For a couple of reasons. Shayna has hit a wopping 85lbs and as you may know were PINs on IMOM The reason for this is that Shayna was diagnosed With Bi-lateral hip displasia on tuesday and of Friday I was involved in a car accident Luckily during work. But that has put me out of work on workmans comp. they say 60% of your pay but not in my case it's like 40% because I get 40cents a mile and I travel almost 100 miles a day. this is after taxes so not included as part of my pay.  Any way that's how I could justify applying for Imom and OSLF  and to anywhere else. trust me it was difficult for me to ask for help. (enough of the back ground )  Anyway-----  this is why we've decided to do just the right side for now. her left isn't as bad as her right.  The Vet and I agreed that I couldn't handle the sling for shayna and could possibly drop her at a wopping 85lbs.. I have lost strength in my right arm can barely use it. SOOOO her surgery is scedualed for June 14th..
         And Blanca you are an angel WE love you thank you sooo much.. Shayna sends sloppy Na Na Kisses your way.
      <VBG> anyone in NH wanna help walk Shayna !!   :  }

      Lea !
      Please visit my pet at IMOM.org.  I am trying to raise funds for non-routine veterinary care – http://www.imom.org/pin/gf/shayna-souther.htm
      Also pictures of Shayna


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