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9895Wanted-Reptile and Small Animal Supplies-NE Ohio

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  • minervasluv
    Jun 9, 2014
      Minerva's Den Reptile and Exotics Rescue is in need of a few supplies. If you have any of the following to donate we'd greatly appreciate it.

      Aquariums sizes 29, 40 breeder and larger
      Cages for 6-8' snakes
      Rodent cages of all types including diy bin cages.
      Ferret/chinchilla caging
      Bird cages appropriately sized for cockatiels or quakers.
      Also someone willing to transport large cages we no longer have access to a truck or transport volunteers.

      Clean newspaper from nonsmoking home
      Small animal appropriate toys and chews
      Hay (small bales or prepackaged due to storage needs)
      Driftwood and other reptile decor
      Aspen or Carefresh bedding
      Gift cards to Pet Supplies Plus, Tractor Supply (TSC), Giant Eagle
      Additional wish list items on our website

      Minerva's Den is located between the Akron and Youngstown areas.
      We do not have nonprofit status at this time.

      Thank you,
      Tawnya Adams
      Minerva's Den Reptile and Exotics Rescue