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9878Sweet Wandering Senior Doesn't Want to Leave!/Pls HELP WITH VET CARE!!!!

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  • Lori Ann
    May 13, 2014
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      Kristi Denton Ryczek's photo.
      Kristi Denton Ryczek's photo.
      HELP. Senior girl wandered into an older couple's yard, & hasn't left. They haven't had any luck finding her owners & what's worse, they don't allow dogs inside. So she is a lost, lonely, old girl who can't stop crying. She wobbles around due to her being so overweight probably combined with arthritis. She needs rescue NOW. Who knows the last time she was vetted... Would anyone like to adopt or become a semi-permanent foster for this dog? I say semi because she's old. She's not exactly unadoptable, seniors get adopted all the time. But she is older & not as "desirable" to people looking for a family dog  Which I don't understand because senior dogs are the BEST dogs. Please share. Cross post. Send to Humane Societies. Send to rescue groups. Send to your family & friends. Anyone who would like to donate to help me get her vetted can send $$ via Paypal to Kristi.Ryczek@.... It'll help her case in finding her rescue if I can get her annual vetting sponsored ($150 for exam, bordatella, rabies, DHPP, Heartworm & fecal. Plus micro chip $45, plus proheart injection if she's Heartworm negative $50ish = $250ish). She probably isn't spayed but she's past her birthing babies days, so I don't think a spay is necessary for a dog her age. Courtnee Johnson Palmer Doug Walker Lara Weinblatt Lara RescueAccount Weinblatt Gwenn Weinblatt Leeann Wallace Lindsay Moss-FrangieTracy Sullivan Henschel Mercy Lawler