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9858FW: Cottageville, WV: Clock is ticking for good pets in crowded conditions! Help!

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  • Libby
    Apr 29, 2014



      From: Bobbie Chancey [mailto:roechancey@...]
      Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 1:10 PM

      Subject: Cottageville, WV: Clock is ticking for good pets in crowded conditions! Help!



      Please crosspost widely / please network on Facebook / photos below

      Rescue/transport and adoption instructions are below the photos.

      We have been told that there are too many pets for 13 runs!  Some must go!  We need our rescue friends now!


      Cats are urgent.  Cutie Pie has $50 sponsorship.  More kittens came in today and will be pictured soon. Any pull saves a life!


      Urgent dogs:   Our big dogs are good and need help but are not being chosen.  We can't all be petite and fluffy!  ARF will spay/neuter any long-timer that is taken by reputable rescue.  Please give someone a chance!  Small shelter is overcrowded and the humane officer says some dogs have to go!  Help us get some out!!!!

      Dozer's vetting is totally sponsored and has already been neutered.

      Standish is already neutered.  Aztec is being neutered soon.  Amigo is fully vetted, up-to-date on his shots, and doesn't let being a tri-pod stand in the way of enjoying life.

      Lori is a sweetheart who just wants to be loved!

      Rick and Andrew would be great new family members.

      Haiku's brother Hibachi has come in and will be posted soon.  These brothers have been with children and are good natured.

      Martinez, Kajo, Avalanche and Snizzle haven't had a single inquiry.  Why?  They are good dogs!  We keep telling them someone will come for them.  Who can help?

      Help us fill the van this weekend!  We want to have a reason to travel!!!!!


      Jackson County Animal Shelter, Cottageville, WV (PA Licensed)

      Subscribe: send an email to JacksonCoAS-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (yahoogroups.com)


      Rescue contact: Dreama / Bobbie

      When contacting us, please indicate if you are a rescue or adopter.

      Rescue application.  Copy/paste into an email and fill in the answers.


      Animal Rights Fur-Ever (ARF):  A group of local volunteers assisting with the JCAS rescue/transport program.

      Subscribe: send an email to arfwv-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (yahoogroups.com)









      Shaky Dolittle

      Cutie Pie














































      Regarding transports: We have transport coordinator/driver assistance to northeastern states. So if you are north or east of WV, we can transport closer to you. If you are west or south of WV, you will need to make your own transport arrangements. For long distance, try PilotsNPaws or Pet Airways We are in need of additional volunteer transport drivers in PA along I-81 and I-78 east of 81 to the NJ border (Hagerstown MD, Mechanicsburg PA, Hamburg PA, Allentown PA & Phillipsburg NJ).  Please contact us if you can help on Saturday transports.


      Rescues: If you would like to rescue from our shelter, please submit our rescue application (link above). Once approved, you can respond to alerts and offer to pull dogs/order vetting. Vetting must be paid for directly to our vet on or before the day of vetting. Spay/neuter is mandatory/health permitting. We provide vet contact info once you confirm a dog/cat. We have a rescue building where we can house dogs for up to 2 weeks (at no charge) after they are vetted while transport is arranged. We are PA licensed to work with PA-based rescues.


      Sponsors: Sponsorships are welcome and greatly appreciated but they do not guarantee the safety of an urgent animal if that animal does not have a rescue commitment.  They do tend to increase the likelihood that a dog will be chosen by a rescue though!  Please email us to inquire if you are interested in sponsoring a dog or cat.


      Adopters: Please email us to request an adoption application. If you live near our shelter, please visit in person to adopt. Long distance adopters must work with one of our pre-screened rescues local to you in order to adopt.  Most of our rescue contacts are in northeastern states.


      Local Residents:  ARF volunteers assist this shelter.  We are always looking for more volunteers.  Please visit our website and/or contact us to help us save lives! http://www.jcwvarf.com/