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9715Donations needed for foster dog

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  • parhiscan .
    Dec 13, 2013
      This came across my facebook page and this poor babies life has been hell and now this.

      DONATE HERE: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/support-for-stu/116497

      I recently offered my home to a darling rescue from NYC named Stu. Poor Stu had a hard life before he got here to Massachusetts. He was living on the streets with a terrible flea infestation. He was half starved, dirty, and itchy, but somehow managed to keep his spirits up. He was traveling with a tiny Yorkie that was adopted right away. Poor Stu was left behind and placed on the ACC's euthanasia list. One of the selfless volunteers recognized how special Stu was, and advocated strongly for his safety. She put out email after phone call after Facebook post to try and find someone, anyone, to step up and offer him a home. 30 minutes before Stu was scheduled to be killed, a friend of mine shared his little face on her Facebook feed, and another friend stepped up. "Get him here," she said. 

      Stu in the shelter: http://youtu.be/KKpnJwXzpqY

      Stu was finally safe and headed toward a life full of love and snuggles, until last night. Sadly, Stu escaped his caretaker while on a visit and ran away. His friends spent two hours in the dark and freezing outdoors to find him. Thank god we did, although it was quickly apparent that Stu had been hit by a car. His injuries were severe. His front paw had separated at its wrist and a large part of his fur and skin were removed. No broken bones, but he will need reconstructive surgery to fix his connective tissue, or have his joint fused. Neither are great options, but at least he's alive. He suffered from severe bruising on his lungs, and various cuts and scrapes, several of which required stitches.

      Stu has had a pretty stressful time the past few weeks, and I want to do everything I can to make sure this little guy gets the chance to be happy that he deserves. I don't often ask for money, but anything you could donate would help. We spent $2000 last night getting him stabilized and out of pain. $3, $10, $100. Anything at all would go a long way to ensure Stu gets the best possible care. 

      Stu will be recovering at my home once he's released. Please help him get back there.
      All my love and gratitude,
      AmyLynn & Geoffrey & Stu

      DONATE HERE: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/support-for-stu/116497