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9711FW: new dogs on our site for Cumberland Co MD

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  • rescuethemutt
    Dec 10, 2013
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      you can see these dogs on our site www.reachoutrescue.org with contact
      info.. if you can help them, they will be on bottom half of list
      please contact:
      Sandi La Rene Alleghany Humane Society Shelter Manager 540-862-2436
      Alleghany Humane Society alleghanyhumanesociety@...

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      From: Steffi Ridgel [mailto:sridgel@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 12:23 PM
      Subject: new dogs

      Just an FYI: wanted you all to know I have posted 5 shepherd mixes courtesy
      today. They look like really nice dogs. Libby sent them to me a week ago
      from Allegheny Co. Cumberland, MD facility, but just got all the info last
      night on them. I wanted to bring them to attention as this shelter is
      drowning under dogs and these look like nice ones. I know they aren't RORR,
      but they deserve a home for Christmas, too. And you just might have an app
      that is just right for one of them. You can go look at them...names:

      Sampson, Trucker, Barkley Boy, Carly, Sydney Girl. Various ages. I am in
      love with Sampson. I like my boy dogs big! And he sounds like a sweetheart.
      ALSO, in case you missed it, we posted a lab puppy. Stormy. Only 8 weeks
      old. Anyone needing a puppy...Steffi