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9710Help for my Cats and maybe a few Christmas treats for their Stockings

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  • Tammy Spencer
    Dec 7, 2013
      Hi I am Tammy and I have 2 furbabies (cats)! I have had a really hard time these last few months and things will be changing starting in January when I will finally start getting a paycheck!! I love my babies and want them to be cared for, they do not understand why they dont have food or clean litter, they just know I need to give it to them, lol. I have been trying to feed them people food but I dont even have any of that. The eat purina healthy cat food and they use the tidy cat litter in the Big Yellow tub with Glade, if buy big bag of food it last about a month and a half and the litter a month. I do my shopping at walmart and can pick it up there if you shop online. I dont have a phone or internet at my place but I do care for my grandson during the week so i can use the puter there to check back! Thanks and God Bless You!!
      Walmart Supercenter
      9598 Rowlett Rd
      (832) 386-0103
        May everything you touch prosper as the Lord smiles on your gracious heart.  A hand willing to give, even when it hurts, touches the heart of the Father, whom then lets the flow of His love rain down from the heavens.  So be sure to give life to those in need, spread the WORD!!    May God add a blessing to your day. 
      Love Always Tammy Spencer