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9704FW: Halifax NC - - ALL WILL DIE MONDAY - Extraordinary Dogs...

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  • rescuethemutt
    Dec 2, 2013
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      From: Cathie Reynolds [mailto:catreynolds2@...]
      Sent: Sunday, December 1, 2013 7:39 PM
      To: Cathie Reynolds
      Subject: Halifax NC - - ALL WILL DIE MONDAY - Extraordinary Dogs...





      Contact Nancy direct right away to let her know at: Nancy Seevers; 252- 535-1450, nansee2001@...       (at   yahoo.com).


      In a message dated 12/1/2013 7:33:30 P.M. US Eastern Standard Time, katie.walter@... writes:

      From: Nancy Seevers [mailto:nansee2001@...]
      Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2013 5:42 PM
      To: undisclosed recipients:
      - Halifax, NC - Mon., Dec. 2! - Extraordinary Dogs & Puppies at This All-Kill pound! - Please Save Them!




      Dear Friends of the Animals;

      So many wonderful adult dogs and puppies will lose their lives if immediate offers of rescue don't come their way. 


      Their DEADline is TOORROW, Monday, Dec. 2, 2013.

      This is an all-kill pound (they do not do adoptions) and Nancy does everything she possibly can to try and network them to safety.

      Take a look and if you can help rescue anyone at all!!

      Contact Nancy direct right away to let her know at: Nancy Seevers; 252- 535-1450, nansee2001@...       (at   yahoo.com).

      Paws crossed!!


      Halifax, N.C. Time runs out Monday!  Extraordinary dogs & puppies at this all-kill pound!  Please save them!


      They only have until Monday!!! Please help!


      Some have multiple sponsorships!!  Please save them!! 



      Through no fault of their own, these precious, sweet dogs and puppies find themselves in an all-kill facility and need your help to survive!  Typically, they are only given 72 hours before they are euthanized, and every one of them deserves a chance to live and become a wonderful companion.  Reportedly, they all have sweet personalities and are very desirable pets. 



      Contact: Nancy Seevers at: 252-535-1450 if you can save one!  


      Email is: nansee2001@...       (at    yahoo.com).



      Butch - Male Blk/White Pit Mix, 60 pounds, 2 years old, owner surrender, friendly, active, healthy looking, handsome boy.  ID#14, PIC#8335.  CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....




      Febbie - Female tan Boxer mix, 2 months old, 11 pounds, stray, sweet eyes, nice disposition, ID#9 PIC#8333   CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....




      Halle - Female tan/white hound mix, 1 yr old, 28 pounds, stray, scared but sweet.  ID#8, PIC#8332

      CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....





      Reba - Female yellow/white lab mix, 1-2 yrs old, 33 pounds, owner surrender, happy, beautiful dog.   ID#4, PIC#8330.  CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@...




      Scarlett - Female black lab mix, 1-2 years old, 34 pounds, owner surrender, friendly, beautiful girl.  ID#3, PIC#8329.   CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....




      Curtis, Cathy, Candy - Brown Shepherd Mixes, 2 1/2 months old, 12 pounds, nice, sweet pups, owner surrender, ID#35 PIC#8327.  CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....





      Darrell - Male white/brown eye Bullmastiff mix, 2 yrs old, 53 pounds, very muscular, friendly, bid strong boy, ID#33 PIC#8324.   CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....




      Jackie - Female black/white Hound mix, 2-3 yrs old, 48 pounds, owner surrender, very fat or pregnant?  Nice sweet girl.   ID #32, PIC #8323.   CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....




      Alvin - male black Lab mix, 3-4 yrs old, 60 pounds, stray, friendly, strong, handsome boy.  ID #31, PIC #8322. CONTACT: Nancy Seevers:  nansee2001@....   There was NO photo of Alvin.




      Willis-male hound mix, White/Tan, 2 yrs old, 25 pounds, stray, laid back, nice dog.  ID #34, PIC #8325.  CONTACT: Nancy Seevers: nansee2001@....





      Dogs below with NO bios: