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1Welcome to the Animal Wish List

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  • Barbara
    Oct 1 3:56 PM
      As stated in the group's description, this is a group where pet
      owners, rescuers, and concerned citizens can come to post messages
      about the items, supplies, volunteer work, and/or funds, etc., they
      need help with in caring for animals. If you can fulfill any wish
      list, please do so for the sake of the animals.

      When posting a Wish List, please make sure you state your location,
      what is needed, and provide CONTACT information in your post.
      If you have items to offer, please do the same by stating your
      location, item/supplies offered, and contact information in your post.

      Just so you will know, I am no professional at organizing a Wish
      List. I am just a concerned animal lover who seeks to help others
      and their animals.
      If any of you have advice, ideas, whatever..in helping to make this
      list flourish for those in need, please speak up (or you can email me
      personally at Lady_enya_1@...). Whichever is more comfortable
      for you. All help will be most appreciated!
      Thank you,