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National Geographic Special on Undercover Investigations Premiers This Week

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    Very timely with the King Amendment insertion into the Farm Bill which will make undercover investigations of animal operations a felony. This week the
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      Very timely with the King Amendment insertion into the Farm Bill which will make undercover investigations of animal operations a felony.  This week the National Geographic channel will be featuring a series of undercover investigations in factory farms and laboratories.  Check your local station as to date and time.  Here on the east coast it will begin Wednesday, July 31st at six pm, and repeat hourly through midnight. 

      If only people knew how they suffered.

      Locked in cages so small they can't move. Mutilated without painkillers. Beaten by workers. We know this is the tortured life of an animal on a factory farm and we want others to see what we've seen.

      You and I know that cruelty can't stand the spotlight, and once people see the harsh realities farmed animals face, they'll stand by our side and demand change.

      I'm thrilled to announce that countless viewers around the globe will soon be exposed to the truth about factory farming, thanks to a groundbreaking Nat Geo TV program about Mercy For Animals' brave undercover investigators.

      This Wednesday, July 31 at 10 p.m. EST, tune in to National Geographic Channel's new series Inside: Secret America and follow award-winning journalists as they go undercover with MFA investigators into some of our country's largest factory farms.

      The powerful episode features MFA investigators "Pete," who worked at a Burger King dairy supplier in Idaho, and "Jane," who worked at a Butterball turkey factory farm in North Carolina. These landmark investigations exposed horrific abuse and resulted in multiple charges and convictions of workers for criminal cruelty to animals.

      MFA's heroic investigators aren't just helping hold animal abusers accountable, they're changing the way our society looks at meat, dairy, and eggs.

      But our investigators, who risk their lives to expose the truth, need your help to continue their vital work.

      A generous MFA supporter has pledged to match—dollar for dollar—all donations up to $100,000 by midnight on July 31. Donate today and your gift will go twice as far, helping twice as many animals.

      With you standing by our side, we are changing the course of history for farmed animals, building a kinder and more just future. By exposing animal abusers, bringing them to justice, and pushing for meaningful change, we are having a real impact.

      So please, tune in to Nat Geo TV on July 31 at 10 p.m. EST to watch MFA's brave undercover investigators at work. And consider making a generous donation in their honor today. Your gift will be matched.

      On behalf of the billions of abused farmed animals suffering in silence, I thank you for standing with us.


      Nathan Runkle
      Executive Director

      P.S. Please support MFA's heroic undercover investigators today by making a generous, tax-deductible donation. An anonymous supporter has pledged to match all gifts—up to $100,000—made before midnight on July 31.

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