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Animal Science Action Needed! -- Pls Write Your Elected Officials

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    Animal Science Action Needed! -- Pls Write Your Elected Officials For sample material to send your elected officials go to:
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      Animal Science Action Needed! -- Pls Write Your Elected Officials

      For sample material to send your elected officials go to:  http://www.rpaforall.org/getunivout.html

      For questions contact David Cantor at:  dcantor@... (rpa1.org)

      Our land-grant universities (LGUs) seek yet more billions for themselves and the life-destroying meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries they serve! – in the name of "animal science"!


      BEEF magazine reports that 12 LGU "animal science" executives met in Washington, D.C., "to begin charting a coordinated and organized effort to boost federal funding for animal-related research."


      Useful information appears below – and up-to-date Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) factsheets are at www.RPAforAll.org.  Bottom line:


      Write letters to your U.S. representative and senators, your governor, and your state legislators telling them education dollars have no legitimate place in the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries.


      Millions of human beings suffer and die each year due to those industries.  The suffering and death of nonhuman animals are so enormous, they're beyond estimating.  Fifty billion factory-farmed land animals slaughtered each year is just a fraction.  The industry-government-university-media complex is based on nonhuman animals' not being worthy of consideration – so why count, and why report the figures?


      "Animal science" – university training, research, collusion, public relations, and sales for the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries – is nothing less than Penn State, Cornell, University of California, Texas A&M, University of Wisconsin, Florida State, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, Iowa State, and other big universities in every state teaching false and destructive beliefs about human beings and other animals: the opposite of what the public expects of educational institutions.


      For precisely how to demand that your elected officials address the "animal science" disaster, see the brief letter RPA sent to all 50 states' governors a couple of years ago – and factsheets mentioned above, at www.RPAforAll.org.  Questions?  RPA can help expedite your letter-writing: RPA@....  Your letters just need to be a couple of informative and respectful paragraphs.  For name of your state's main LGU, ask RPA or see the list at www.RPAforAll.org.


      Remember: Today's Republican and Democrat agendas lack potential to solve the big human problems – only establishing basic rights of all animals can replace life-destroying corporate-industrial policies with life-affirming, life-protecting, and life-restoring policies.  "Animal science" at our LGUs is the single biggest obstacle to animal rights and its benefits for humans, other animals, and the living world.


      Your participation and your support of RPA can give RPA's 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign to get our LGUs out of the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries a leading role in bringing about the change other endeavors cannot create because they do not address root causes of problems.  The root cause of our most destructive industries is not spontaneous consumer demand but "demand" deceptively generated by our LGUs and the industries they serve.


      Donate today at www.RPAforAll.org or at the address below.  My gratitude goes out to all who have donated to RPA since the last Update and newsletter and all who recently became RPA members!  RPA members: Watch for newsletter name change next issue!


      Thank you for your assistance and support!


      Best wishes,


      David Cantor

      Executive Director

      Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc.

      P.O. Box 891, Glenside, PA 19038, USA

      215-886-RPA1 (-7721)


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