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One Minute to Help Stop NASA Torture of Monkeys

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  • AnimalAdvocacy-owner@yahoogroups.com
    PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY & ACT NOW! [Squirrel Monkey] NASA is planning to torture up to 28 squirrel
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2010


      Squirrel MonkeyNASA is planning to torture up to 28 squirrel monkeys (like that guy to the right!) in cruel radiation experiments. These experiments have previously caused animals to suffer from fatal types of cancer, including brain tumors. WTF?!

      Expose NASA's plan to torture monkeys, and hit the agency where it's the most vulnerableĀ—online. Mentioning NASA's official Twitter (@NASA) in  tweets means officials at NASA will see your thoughts on these experiments, so make 'em good!

      Instructions: To tweet (using hash tags), copy the bolded tweet below, fill in the "****" with your dream job (one that doesn't involve torturing innocent animals), paste into your Twitter, and send.

      Tweet this:
      I'd rather b **** than a @NASA astronaut #WhenIGrowUp bc #NASATorturesAnimals! http://bit.ly/aYfyPc RT if u agree!

      You can also auto-tweet by clicking here.

      Source:  PETA Street Team

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