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Wonderful New Campaign to Help Neediest Animal Shelters

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    The Animal Help Animal Shelter Campaign began this summer through the brilliance of a 9 year old girl named Danielle. She wanted to do something big; something
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2007
      The Animal Help Animal Shelter Campaign began this summer through the
      brilliance of a 9 year old girl named Danielle. She wanted to do
      something big; something that would truly help animals and the people
      that work so hard for them. With nothing more than a couple of dollars
      in her pocket, she knew she could give one dollar to the local
      shelter, but in reality just one dollar would not make much difference
      to the animals in the shelter. So she decided that if lots of people
      each gave one dollar, this would indeed make a difference.

      The One Dollar, One Shelter, One Month campaign was born. The concept
      is to feature a different animal shelter each month. We ask that
      people send in just one dollar directly to that shelter either by mail
      or paypal.

      Starting with Danielle's local shelter, at which she often volunteers,
      the campaign began. Emails were sent out and many great people helped
      to spread the word. But, unfortunately, not enough people heard about
      the campaign. Only about $850 was raised for the first shelter.
      Danielle was not discouraged. That is $850 more than the shelter had
      originally, but not really enough for them to build more kennels so
      that dogs had more time to be adopted.

      The second featured shelter began in September. So far, around $1100
      has been raised this time, which is really great. This entire amount
      came from 60 donors, so obviously, many gave way more then they needed
      to. We still need to reach more people though.

      Our goal is to reach 100,000 people who can each give $1 a month to a
      different animal shelter. There are 295 million people in the USA,
      reaching 100,000 is not too much to ask, its really just a drop in the
      bucket. Raising $100,000 in one month for one shelter would mean a
      huge difference to that shelter. Just think of what great things can
      be done with that money! Their facility can be expanded, they can
      provide medical care for the animals, they can begin much needed
      community education, subsidize spay/neuters for low income animal
      guardians, etc. and all of it amounts to lowering kill rates and
      better circumstances all around for animals that are lost, neglected
      and forgotten. This is what we can all do together with just a dollar
      and a life saving chain letter.

      Will you help?

      Please visit our website at http://shelters.animalhelp.com to learn
      about the featured shelter of the month. Make your one dollar donation
      either by mail or using the shelter's paypal account.

      And lastly, please sign the bottom of this email with your first name
      (or business or organization name), city and state, and forward this
      email to as many people as possible. Please do not break the chain!
      Now, nothing will happen to you if you do break it like so many silly
      chain letters seem to say. But guess what? Keeping it going will do
      something truly amazing – it will save lives! The more people you can
      get this chain letter to, the better it will work and the more animals
      we can help. You are even able to post this chain letter on your
      myspace account or send to your mailing lists. Anyway you can help
      spread the word is fantastic!
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