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Chica Needs Your Faxes/Calls Today - June 1 - Help Bring Her Justice

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  • Steph <ravin79@comcast.net>
    Chica Needs Your Faxes & Calls Today - June 1 - Help Bring Her Justice Please refer to the alert at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnimalAdvocacy/message/3786
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      Chica Needs Your Faxes & Calls Today - June 1 - Help Bring Her Justice

      Please refer to the alert at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnimalAdvocacy/message/3786

      (You can also use the sample letter posted there to send a fax to Deputy D.A. Jennifer Buck -- see details below.)

      Please forward widely and call or fax immediately!


      I wrote you all before about little Chica, a cat who had been set on fire back in December. She arrived at the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Service in Langhorne, PA, struggling for her last breath and screaming in pain. Since then, Daniel Culligan had confessed to her torture and the process of determining his punishment is in full swing.. This process will come full circle tomorrow, June 2nd at the Doylestown Courthouse (Pennsylvania) after 10am.

      The worth of Chica's life now stands with the decision of a judge and jury. One cannot rightly describe this little one's pain and suffering, nor the horror of this crime. Would you please help one last time? Please write a letter *today*, send a fax, an email.. and ask that Daniel Culligan be prosecuted for BOTH the felony arson charge AND the misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

      How you can help:

      Please send a quick fax or phone call to:

      Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Buck
      Bucks County Administration Building
      55 East Court Street
      Doylestown, PA 18901
      tel: 215-348-6351
      fax: 215-348-6299

      Some information about this case:

      Daniel Culligan expressed no remorse for his actions, stating "What's the big deal? Everyone has hurt cats or squirrels." (Bucks County Courier Times: Sunday, 2/1/04)

      Animal abuse is often linked to child abuse or other violent crimes.

      Daniel Culligan should face the maximum penalty allowed by law for his felony charge of arson and misdemeanor of animal cruelty.

      Daniel Culligan should be denied the priveledge of pet ownership in the future.

      Daniel Culligan's case should serve as an example to other animal abusers that this behavior will no longer be accepted or tolerated in our society!

      Daniel Culligan's act put a whole community in jeopardy. Chica's burning body crashed into a neighbor's front door, igniting it. If the residents hadn't been home to extinguish the flame, the entire complex risked burning.

      The original news story:

      Little Chica probably never knew what happened. All she knew was pain as they extinguished the flames which engulfed her body with a fire extinguisher and rushed her to an emergency animal hospital on December 14th, 2003. The suffering tabby cat was later euthanized due to burns over 90% of her body.. burns that occured when Daniel Culligan thoughtlessly set her on fire for 'frustrating' him. Neighbors helped the cat seek medical help.

      Now your help is desperately needed to help Chica's abuser face the consequences of his horrible crime.

      A promise was made to Chica that her death would not go unnoticed.. please help keep that promise.
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