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NJ Cat Dragging Case, FAXES Needed by This Afternoon

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  • Susan Gordon
    NJ Cat Dragging Case, FAXES Needed by This Afternoon (Tuesday, January 6th) Please forward widely and send your fax immediately! For ideas on what to write,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
      NJ Cat Dragging Case, FAXES Needed by This Afternoon (Tuesday, January 6th)

      Please forward widely and send your fax immediately!

      For ideas on what to write, see sample letter at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnimalAdvocacy/message/3526

      We have just learned that Mr. Blitz, the prosecutor, is considering
      elevating the charges to a felony, but as of 3 PM Monday, January 5, has not
      acted. He acknowledged receiving numerous faxes, so we need to continue
      sending them, or calling, for the rest of today and tomorrow. When you
      call the main number listed below, you have to ask for Blitz's office.
      The main operator knows nothing about this case. Additionally, you can
      fax Blitz at his personal fax line: 609-909-7803.


      On Friday, 1/2/04, we sent out an alert (copied at the end of this alert)
      asking you to contact the Atlantic CITY Prosecutor and Judge about the
      recent cat dragging case.

      We have learned that it is also imperative to contact the Atlantic COUNTY
      Prosecutor to urge their office to upgrade the charges to felonies. Urge
      him to investigate this case, and if the evidence warrants it, to upgrade
      the charges to indictable offenses and to present the case to a Grand


      Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office
      Jeffrey S. Blitz, Prosecutor
      PO Box 2002
      4997 Unami Boulevard
      Mays Landing, NJ 08330

      Phone 609-909-7800 (if you call when the office is closed, you must let
      it ring quite a number of times until the voice mail allows you to leave
      a message).
      Office Fax: 609-909-7802
      Personal fax line: 609-909-7803

      The arraignment (in Atlantic City Municipal Court) is Wednesday, 1/7/04.
      We are hoping that Mr. Blitz will intervene BEFORE the arraignment (at
      which time the defendants may plead guilty to disorderly persons offenses
      and be sentenced on those charges, rather than on felony charges). PLEASE

      Mention the following, to identify the case:
      Arraignment court date (in the Atlantic City Municipal Court): Wednesday
      Defendants names: Robert Hewitt, Jr. & Joseph Newton, Jr.




      Recently a cat was dragged to death in Atlantic City. At the end of this
      alert is an article on the case.

      Please contact the following, politely demanding that justice be done in
      this case. Let them know that we will all be monitoring this case

      As the arraignment is on 1/7/04, please Fax, rather than mail, your
      letters, if possible. There is no e-mail address for the Prosecutor or

      Mention the following to identify the case:
      Arraignment court date: 1/7/04
      Defendants names: Robert Hewitt, Jr. & Joseph Newton, Jr.

      In speaking with the SPCA officer involved we learned that she is pushing
      to get them charged appropriately. Unfortunately, the police officer who
      witnessed the offense did not file the correct citations. The SPCA
      officer said that letters to the Prosecutor and Judge, urging that the
      charges be upgraded to felonies, will be helpful, but she stressed that

      1. Contact the Chief Prosecutor and the Judge. Urge that the charges be
      FELONY CHARGES. Politely remind them that New Jersey has a FELONY animal
      cruelty law.

      Request that maximum penalties, along with mandatory psychological
      counseling and a ban on harboring or working with animals be levied if
      the defendants are found guilty.


      (a) Ms. Billie Moore
      Chief Municipal Prosecutor
      Atlantic City Prosecutor's Office
      2715 Atlantic Avenue
      Atlantic City, NJ 08401
      Fax: (609) 347-9280

      (b) Judge Bruce Weekes
      Atlantic City Municipal Court
      2715 Atlantic Avenue 2nd Floor
      Atlantic City, NJ 08401
      Fax: (609) 347-5450

      2. Contact the Ocean Cable Group. It appears that the alleged animal
      abusers may not have been suspended in a timely manner, if at all, and
      that the company may not be fully cooperating with the SPCA on this
      matter. Do not make threats to them (which they have apparently already
      received), just urge them to suspend the men (and fire them, if
      convicted) and to cooperate with the investigation.
      Ocean Cable Group
      Somers Point, NJ

      3. Send letters to the editor to the Press of Atlantic City at:
      letters@... (pressofac.com)



      December 30, 2003

      Cable workers charged with dragging cat behind truck
      By BRIDGET MURPHY Staff Writer,
      (609) 272-7257 bmurphy@...

      ATLANTIC CITY - Two cable installers face animal-cruelty charges after
      police allegedly saw a cat tethered to the bumper of a cable-company
      truck and being dragged along at a high rate of speed as another truck
      from the same company drove behind it.

      The Dec. 22 incident killed the adult cat and left it mutilated to the
      point that the animal's sex cannot be determined, police Sgt. Ken Brown
      said Monday.

      Brown witnessed the incident on Route 30, while driving into the city
      shortly after 3 p.m. to work a uniformed security detail.

      After first spotting the truck dragging the animal while on Route 30 in
      Absecon, the sergeant radioed to the Police Department and had a marked
      patrol car stop the cable trucks - both from Somers Point-based Ocean
      Cable Group - at Route 30 and Grammercy Avenue.

      The cat was tied to the rear bumper of one truck by its neck with four
      feet of cable wire and one of its legs had snapped off, Brown said.

      "I've seen some really bad things in my 27 years here, but this is up
      there," the Police Department veteran said Monday, soon after signing
      complaints against the drivers of both cable trucks. "To do something
      like this to an animal - it's despicable."

      The animal's corpse is in a freezer at the county animal shelter,
      according to Nancy Beall, president of Atlantic County's Society for the
      Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

      Police took photos of the animal and also kept the cable wire it was
      lashed to the truck with as evidence.

      Authorities identified the driver of the truck that was dragging the cat
      as Robert Hewitt Jr., 28, of Hickory Lane in Egg Harbor Township, and the
      driver of the truck that was following him as Joseph M. Newton Jr., 25,
      of Maddox Run in Galloway Township.

      Both face animal-cruelty charges, and Hewitt also faces a charge of
      inhumane treatment of an animal, police said Monday. Both charges are
      disorderly persons offenses.

      The suspects are due to appear in court at 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 7, according
      to authorities.

      Ocean Cable Group owner Bob Mills said Monday that he suspended Hewitt
      and Newton from their jobs and will fire them if they're found guilty of
      the offenses.

      Mills, who has two pet cats himself, said his company does not condone
      such behavior as police are alleging and that nothing similar has ever
      happened in the past.

      He said Hewitt and Newton had been working on jobs in Atlantic City that
      day. They had headed out to Galloway Township for a lunch break and were
      returning to the resort to continue working when police stopped their

      Mills said he believes one worker may have tried to call the other with a
      Nextel phone to tell him about the animal dragging behind the truck, but
      that his phone didn't work.

      "Both of them said they didn't know what was going on," Mills said
      Monday, adding that each employee had worked for him for a few years.

      The business owner said some disgruntled former company employees also
      live in the area where his employees stopped for lunch and suggested that
      perhaps they could be involved in the incident.

      To e-mail Bridget Murphy at The Press: BMurphy@... (pressofac.com)
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