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Contact Info Needed for NJ Prosecutor's Office & Courthouse

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    Contact Information for Prosecutor s Office and Municipal Court (name, title, street address, fax and phone numbers) Needed in case of 2 men charged with cat
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
      Contact Information for Prosecutor's Office and Municipal Court (name, title, street address, fax and phone numbers) Needed in case of 2 men charged with cat dragging in Atlantic City, New Jersey

      Atlantic City's web site is incomplete and does not list the contact info
      for the Municipal Court or the Prosecutor's Office. Would someone who can
      make calls during the day to get this info please make up an alert for
      this appalling case (or e-mail me the info and I will complete the

      Also, does anyone know whether the fact that this case is being heard in
      municipal court mean that these scum will NOT be charged with felonies,
      but will be charged with misdemeanors? If so, who do we contact to urge
      that the charges be upgraded to felonies?

      In the meantime, you can write letters to the editor about this case, stressing the animal-human violence connection, and send them to: cnletter@...

      Remember to include your name, address and phone number for letter verification, and limit your letter to 250 words or less. You can find details about the animal-human violence connection in the ATTACHMENT to the sample letter at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnimalAdvocacy/message/3526

      Read details of this case at:

      2 men charged in cat dragging

      Published in the Home News Tribune 12/31/03

      ATLANTIC CITY -- Two cable-television workers face animal-cruelty charges
      in the death of a cat that police said was tied to the bumper of a
      company truck and then dragged along at a high rate of speed.

      Robert Hewitt Jr., 28, of Egg Harbor Township and Joseph M. Newton Jr.,
      25, of Galloway Township are charged in the case.

      Ken Brown, an Atlantic City police sergeant, was on his way to work Dec.
      22 when he saw the cat being dragged behind a truck. Another cable
      company truck was following it. Brown, who was in Absecon at the time,
      alerted authorities and the trucks were stopped a short time later.

      Brown said the cat was tied by its neck with four feet of cable wire to
      an Ocean Cable Group truck driven by Hewitt, who also was charged
      inhumane treatment of an animal. Newton was driving the other truck,
      officials said.

      "I've seen some really bad things in my 27 years, but this is up there.
      To do something like this to an animal, it's despicable," Brown told The
      Press of Atlantic City. He said the cat lost one leg and its sex cannot
      be determined because its body was so mutilated.

      Bob Mills, who owns the Somers Point-based cable company, said both men
      had worked there as installers for a few years. Neither worker could be
      reached for comment, but Mills said they told him that they did not know
      "what was going on" with the cat.

      Both men were suspended and will be fired if convicted, Mills said. The
      case is scheduled to be heard Jan. 7 in Atlantic City Municipal Court.

      � copyright 2003 The Associated Press
      from the Home News Tribune website www.c-n.com
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