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Part II - Letters Urgently Needed to Save Dolphins

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    Part II - Letters Urgently Needed to Save Dolphins Refer to Part I Alert #3460 at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnimalAdvocacy/message/3460 STOP THE SOLOMON
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2003
      Part II - Letters Urgently Needed to Save Dolphins

      Refer to Part I Alert #3460 at:

      STOP THE SOLOMON ISLANDS DOLPHIN DEBACLE - Sample Letter to 6 Addressees

      Source: http://www.humanelines.org/
      Sample Letter prepared by Brenda Schoss of Kinship Circle.

      Please send a letter to the sponsor of PARQUE NIZUC at Solomans Island (with a copy to Parque Nizuc) to ask them to spare the dolphins from lifetime incarceration. Remember to add your name, address and country and PLEASE CHANGE some of the words.

      Email: ri@... (telmex.com)

      PepsiCo, Inc.
      700 Anderson Hill Road
      Purchase, NY 10577
      ph: 914-253-2000
      (no email available)

      enter comments online at: http://www.fujifilm.com/JSP/fuji/epartners/ContactUs.jsp

      Dos Equis Beer
      dosequis@... (labattusa.com)

      American Express
      enter comments at:
      (note: you will have to cut and paste address into a single line in your browser)

      COPY TO:

      Parque Nizuc
      email: info@... (parquenizuc.com)

      Ladies & Gentlemen:

      I understand that your reputable firm serves as a sponsor for Parque
      Nizuc, a "swim-the-the-dolphins" attraction in Cancun, Mexico. I
      write as a conscientious consumer to ask that you cease support for
      this aquatic park recently implicated in the illegal export/import of
      wild-caught dolphins from the Solomon Islands, north of Australia.

      Despite reports from Parque Nizuc that all 33 dolphins flown to
      Cancun are thriving, five remain unaccounted for. Witnesses observed
      the removal of at least two carcasses, while surviving dolphins were
      seen floating near the surface of shallow waters, refusing to eat.
      For their journey half way around the world, the dolphins dangled
      from slings inside dingy metal boxes with little or no water. They
      now subsist in a wire-mesh prison where the hot sun glares upon their
      exposed backs.

      Please do not risk credibility and consumer confidence by aligning
      your good name with Parque Nizuc. In addition to obvious animal
      welfare concerns, legal issues are at stake. The illicit capture of
      roughly 200 dolphins off the Solomon Islands occurred with no
      environmental impact assessment. Mexican authorities denied the
      Australian government's request to block the dolphins' flight to

      Last March local island authorities proposed a ban on export licenses
      due to the lack of data on the wild dolphin population. At the very
      least, overseas companies are required to obtain a provincial
      business license. Verified documentation confirms that the
      Guadalcanal Provincial government (which oversees Honiara, the site
      where most dolphins were caught) neither approved the capture/export
      of dolphins to Mexico nor granted this license.

      The import of these dolphins violates CITES law instituted to inhibit
      the abduction of animals from the wild. Conservation and animal
      welfare organizations worldwide are gravely concerned about the
      plight of dolphins imported to Parque Nizuc, as well as the remaining
      Solomon Islands' dolphins.

      I am not comfortable purchasing products or services from a company
      that sponsors Parque Nizuc or any other attractions that sacrifice
      the animals' well being to generate revenue. I look forward to your
      feedback on this serious matter.

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