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Reminder: April 20-28 is World Week for Animals in Laboratories

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  • Barbara Stagno: <bstagno@idausa.org>
    Reminder: Support World Week for Animals in Laboratories April 20-28 WORLDWIDE! Choose One Action to Support World Week for Animals in Laboratories April
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2002
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      Reminder: Support World Week for Animals in Laboratories April 20-28

      Choose One Action to Support World Week for Animals in Laboratories
      April 20-28, 2002

      PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY - This is a WorldWide Event!

      (Moderator's Note: Please do something to educate yourself or others
      during World Week for Animals in Laboratories, April 20-28, 2002.
      Consider the suggestion at:

      It would be excellent to try to set up a book exhibit at your local library, school or civic club. I have seen many libraries feature books on vegetarianism, animal rights, womens history; so why not animal testing! Even
      if you ask and are initially refused, you have planted a seed thought in one
      person's mind that this is a timely subject. When another two or three more
      people ask for an exhibit on animal tests, it will happen -- be a seed planter!

      Above all, educate yourself during this week by reading ONE book or article about animal research. An excellent choice is "Sacred Cows and Golden Geese" by Ray Greek, M.D., and Jean Swingle Greek, D.V.M. Or review the excellent and educational information, which you can discuss with your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members, by visiting the web site:

      But PLEASE do SOMETHING to educate yourself and others!)

      WWAIL 2002
      April 20 - 28, 2002

      An estimated 30 million animals are tortured and/or killed in U.S. labs every year.

      Now is the time to speak out and fight back.

      In addition to encouraging concerned citizens everywhere to participate in
      events against vivisection wherever it exists, In Defense of Animals WWAIL
      2002 will target the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

      The EPA requires more chemical toxicity tests on animals than any other
      federal agency. These tests involve forcing animals to eat, inhale, or be
      injected with chemicals. An undisclosed number of animals -- likely to be in
      the millions -- die slow and painful deaths in these tests. And with all
      that, the EPA has not banned a single industrial chemical in more than 10

      Rather than working to reduce emissions and prevent human and environmental
      exposures to toxic chemicals, the EPA has instead chosen to establish
      "acceptable" exposure levels based on the results of misleading animals tests. The EPA pours millions of taxpayer dollars into cruel and wasteful animal experiments, while spending virtually none of its $500 million annual research budget on the development of non-animal test methods.

      It's time for change.

      Speak out by protesting the EPA's animal tests by participating in an event in your area. IDA will provide brochures and posters specific to the EPA animal testing programs.

      EPA's offices and laboratories are located throughout the U.S. Some of these locations include:

      Washington DC (headquarters)
      New York City
      Kansas City
      San Francisco
      Las Vegas

      In Defense of Animals urges you to become involved in speaking out for the
      millions of animals burned, blinded, drugged, poisoned, addicted, starved,
      shocked, irradiated, driven insane, and surgically mutilated by participating
      in World Week for Animals in Laboratories 2002.

      No matter what your focus might be this year: dog labs, primate experiments,
      xenotransplantation, genetic engineering, or any specific vivisection
      experiments, IDA will help you coordinate and publicize your events for WWAIL

      Now is the time to Fight Back.

      For further information contact:
      Barbara Stagno
      In Defense of Animals
      bstagno@... (idausa.org)
      or call: (914) 693-6559
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