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Letter Re: Spotted Turtles - August 12 Deadline

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  • Bonnie
    Original Alert by FeralPlace@aol.com (aol.com) Please copy and send to other animal advocates SOURCE: asalzberg@herpdigest.org BACKGROUND: The spotted turtle,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2001
      Original Alert by FeralPlace@... (aol.com)

      Please copy and send to other animal advocates

      SOURCE: asalzberg@...

      BACKGROUND: The spotted turtle, a turtle native to the
      eastern United States and southeast Canada, needs your
      help. The USF&WS is considering proposing the listing
      of the turtle as a CITES II animal. This would stop
      the growing international trade for spotted turtles.

      SAMPLE LETTER: Remember to add your name and address.
      Comments must be received BY AUGUST 12th, so mail today!
      (There is no e-mail address)

      Chief of the Division of Scientific Authority
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
      4401 North Fairfax Drive, Room 750
      Arlington, VA 22203-1610

      RE: Request you Submit Spotted Turtle Proposal
      at upcoming CITES Meeting to Protect Species
      from Exploitation

      I am writing to urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
      Service to submit the Spotted turtle proposal for
      consideration at the twelfth meeting of the Parties to
      the Convention on International Trade in Endangered
      Species (CITES) that would, if accepted, protect it
      from over-exploitation due to the international trade.
      Comments on this subject were requested in the
      Federal Register, Volume 66, No. 113, June 12, 2001

      My reasons for the support of this proposal are as
      follows: Many spotted turtle experts expect that
      without adequate protection, spotted turtles will
      become extinct in a few generations, definitely by the
      end of this century. The reasons for this are habitat
      destruction and the pet industry.

      There has always been a strong market for spotted
      turtles in the US, and now according to recent
      searches on the Internet there is a stronger one
      overseas, where prices range from $250.00 per female
      to $550 per breeding pair.

      As the turtles get rarer, inevitable from habitat
      destruction and increased collection, the price will
      go up, thus increasing collection pressure on the
      turtle. A vicious circle, that only a listing of the
      spotted turtle as a CITES II animal could possibly
      help prevent.

      Thank you for accepting my comments for the record.

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