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749A Comment on Hunting Accidents

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  • E Breakstone
    Jul 30, 2000
      Forwarder's note: Serves 'em right.

      From: BanFurNow@...

      Another reason not to hunt, it is dangerous.
      Animal Liberation of Texas

      The first accident of 1999 occurred on April 18. A 23-year old Okmulgee
      County man was walking through the woods with his father when a turkey
      hunter fired at the younger man, hitting him in the right arm, neck and

      On July 2, another 23-year old man who was squirrel hunting in Garfield
      County raised his .22-cal. rifle to shoot at a squirrel. The rifle barrel
      hit a tree, causing the hunter to drop the rifle. It discharged upon
      hitting the ground, and the bullet struck the man in the foot.

      On Sept. 1, a dove hunter in Mayes Co., suffered slight injuries when he
      was shot by one of his hunting partners who fired at a low-flying dove.
      The most bizarre incident occurred on Nov. 28, when an Oklahoma Co., deer
      hunter in a tree stand looked up at some ducks flying past. When he turned
      back around, an owl hit him in the face, causing severe eye injuries.

      The last accident of the year occurred on Dec. 26, when a man and his
      wife were target shooting in a pasture with a .38-cal. handgun. She handed the
      revolver back to her husband thinking it was empty, but there was still a
      live round in the chamber. The gun discharged when he took it from his her,
      hitting her in the abdomen and exiting out her lower back.
      and this Quote To Remember

      I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I only have photographs of her.