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5221URGENT: Virginia Residents-by 9 am, Feb 7th

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  • AnimalAdvocacy-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 13, 2011
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      There is an opportunity to restructure the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to eliminate animal testing.  In your comments, please emphasize the need to show fiscal restraint and accountability in conducting government research that protects the public's health.

      This alert contains a link to an electronic letter; please personalize with your statement about why this issue is important to you. PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY.

      Source:  Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

      The National Institutes of Health spends $31 billion each year on research¬ómuch of which is spent on cruel and ineffective animal experiments. There is a plan under way to create a new translational medicine center at the agency that will more efficiently turn laboratory advances into practical health solutions for the public. The plan would also dissolve the National Center for Research Resources, which currently oversees the nation's federal primate research centers.

      Please contact Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and President Barack Obama today and tell them you support the proposed plan. Many researchers believe that restructuring will result in less money spent on animal experiments because the National Center for Research Resources will be dissolved.

      Please urge Dr. Collins and President Obama to move forward with the restructuring of NIH and focus on practical health solutions, not animal experiments.