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1537HLS Investor Message Board Needs Some Diversity!

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  • Barbara Biel
    Mar 1, 2001
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      Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:02:44 -0800
      From: Kevin kevin83@... (earthlink.net)
      Subject: Debate Pro-HLS Investors Online!

      HLS Investor Message Board Needs Some Diversity!

      Many of you may remember the old HLS (HTD) message
      board for investors when HLS was listed on the New
      York Stock Exchange and all the fun that was had by
      provoking those pathetic few holding onto their
      sinking investment.

      Well the good times are back again.

      Visit www.ragingbull.com and type in HTDLY in the
      message board section.

      Those who have been putting messages on this message
      board (about five different pitiful individuals) have
      had nothing useful to say in the last month about HLS
      investments. They have primarily spent their time
      moaning on and on about us. Time to aggravate them
      some more!

      Have Fun!

      (But remember first priority is emailing and phoning
      Stephen's Inc. 1
      800 643 9691)

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