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  • Kazimierz Verkmastare
    OK, with the accurate Trossingen strung and singing (I ll let Dee post the links when she is ready) attention is turning to two other projects on the books -
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2008
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      OK, with the 'accurate' Trossingen strung and singing (I'll let Dee post the links when she is ready) attention is turning to two other projects on the books - the electro-coustic Trossingen and the solid body sorta sutton hoo fully electric.
      I can't fully describe the Trossingen sound, but I know it is not supposed to be able to sound like this - a heavy, thick, flat sawn curved top but not carved soundboard, and a soft willow bridge, with a tiny soundbox, and Nylgut strings, it all just doesn't add up to what comes out of this instrument.  Once we get a suitable recording environment set up, we will have some clips demonstrating the volume and tonal range of the instrument.  It is truly exceptional.
      The electro-coustic has the body cut and hollowed, the soundboard resawn and ready for final profiling, the bridge made, the tailpiece roughed out, the beech dowels made, and the blanks for the tuning pegs cut out - 1 good weekend and it should be strung and making music.  It is very much like the other, except it is slightly overall thicker in order to properly hide the electronics (even low-profile pots need some room, and the cable jack does as well.)
      The full solid-body, which I am dubbing 'Lyre-caster' because of the intentional similarity to and use of Strat parts, will be a Richie Blackmore special - white on white, with the center pickup sunk to the pickguard, a 6 screw tremolo bridge with whammy bar, schaller heads and all the rest.  It will have an ash body, spliced maple arms with rosewood 'fingerboards', and the peghead will be a pair of bent Strat heads meeting in the center.  The bridge pickup will be canted more than it normally would be in a Strat, so I can get a decent string splay and still have the strings centered over the poles of both the bridge and 'neck' pickup, and the bridge is being modded to have about 2/3 the string spacing at the bridge, for the same reason.  It will have flush-mounted strap button sockets on eother side, and a custom hand-woven strap to match the stage strap Richie used in Deep Purple.
      All the electronics and machine parts are on their way, and the wood is scheduled for a weekend pick-up.  This is a 'just for fun' project that doesn't have much to do with anything specifically, but after looking at who played mostly in a mode that the Lyre could play, Richie is the obvious choice (pentatonic base A, listen to "Smoke on the Water"), and since his 'signature' guitar is so well documented, it seems like a perfect 'material pun' to build this instrument this way.
      I will have pictures of the elector-coustic on the site probably on Monday, I have some but I think I want to keep the suspense going for a bit.  This will include sound clips (will be a joy to record directly from the pickups instead of with a mic.  Since this instrument has completely hidden electronics, it will be a good performance instrument for SCA events and the like, as it will be able to play both with and without the little 'smokey' Supro battery amp I will be using with it.
      More soon
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