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Lyre Festival in Germany September 10-12 2010

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  • nancy.thym
    Hello Everyone, I d like to give you an update on our lyre festival at the Gothic House in Burgheßler in Germany, about 2 and a half hours south of Berlin.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2010
      Hello Everyone,

      I'd like to give you an update on our lyre festival at the Gothic House in Burgheßler in Germany, about 2 and a half hours south of Berlin.

      The Lyre of Legend

      Festival for Early Music Gothic House Burgheßler, Germany
      10.-12. September 2010

      Performances, Workshops, Lectures, Exhibit, Children's Programme

      with Benjamin Bagby, Bragod (Robert Evans & Mary-Anne Roberts), Graeme Lawson, Lyre of Ur Project (Bill Taylor, Jennifer Sturdy, Andy Lowings), Musica Romana (Susanne Rühling & Merit Zloch), Cantefable (Nancy Thym & Thilo Viehrig), Andy Lowings, Dr. Barbara Theune-Großkopf, Guy Flockhart, Rainer Thurau, Jan-Ellen Harriman, Tobias Perlick, Dietmar Najock. Please find the complete schedule below. You can find more information on www.gotisches-haus.com.

      We are looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to our Gothic House from 1493 in the stunning Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region steeped in history.

      Nancy Thym
      Schulgasse 75
      D-06647 Klosterhäseler
      TEL +49-34465-700071
      Mobile +49-172-8188366


      Friday, 10. September 19:00

      Graeme Lawson
      Introduction to the Lyre (www.orfeo.co.uk)

      Friday, 10. September 20:00

      Musica Romana (Susanne Rühling & Merit Zloch) (www.musica-romana.de)
      Greek and Roman Lyres

      The Lyre of Ur Project (www.lyre-of-ur.com)
      Babylonian Verse to the Lyre of Ur
      Bill Taylor, Jennifer Sturdy and Andy Lowings

      Saturday, 11. September 20:00

      Bragod (Robert Evans & Mary-Anne Roberts) (www.bragod.com)
      Medieval Welsh Songs and Poems to the Crwth (walisische Streichleier)

      Benjamin Bagby (www.bagbybeowulf.com)
      Excerpts from Beowulf to the Anglo-Saxon Lyre

      Sunday, 12. September 15:00

      a Russian tale to the Gusli with Music, Dance, Shadow Theatre
      Cantefable (Nancy Thym & Thilo Viehrig) (www.harptree.de)


      Bragod Friday, September 10, 17:00
      Bill Taylor Saturday, September 11, 11:30
      Benjamin Bagby Sunday, September 12, 11:30


      Saturday, 11. September
      9:00 Thilo Viehrig: The Novgorod Lyre or Gusli (Ger.)
      10:00 Rainer Thurau: Construction of the Germanic Lyre (www.thurau-harfen.de) (Ger.)
      14:00 Dietmar Najock: The Greek Lyre (Ger.)
      15:00 Tobias Perlick: Homeric Verse to the Greek Lyre (Ger.)
      16:30 Andy Lowings: The Lyre in Africa Today (Eng.)
      17:30 Dr. Barbara Theune-Großkopf: Archaeology of the Lyre of Trossingen (www.konstanz.alm-bw.de) (Ger.)

      Sunday, 12. September
      9:00 Guy Flockhart: Construction of Anglo-Saxon Lyres and Welsh Bowed Lyres (Eng.)
      10:00 Jan-Ellen Harriman: The Bowed Lyres of St. Leopold's Prayerbook: Investigation and Reconstruction (Eng.)

      Program subject to change!
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