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Those Little African Hobbits??... Revisit

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    Revisit from 12-26-04 Feature Extinction of the Hobbits ? Pgymies = Hobbits? The Pygmies were a nation of dwarfs, so called from a Greek word which means the
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      Revisit from 12-26-04
          Extinction of the 'Hobbits'? 
                      Pgymies = Hobbits?

      The Pygmies were a nation of dwarfs, so called from a Greek word which means the 'cubit/'oubit/'hobit' (a 'cubit' was a measure of about thirteen inches), which was said to be the height of these people. They lived near the sources of the Nile, or according to others, in India. Homer tells us that the cranes used to migrate every winter to the Pygmies' country, and their appearance was the signal of bloody warfare to the puny inhabitants, who had to take up arms to defend their cornfields against the rapacious strangers. The Pygmies and their enemies the cranes form the subject of several works of art.

      Later writers tell of an army of Pygmies which finding Hercules asleep made preparations to attack him, as if they were about to attack a city. But the hero awaking laughed at the little warriors, wrapped some of them up in his lion's-skin, and carried them to Eurystheus.  http://www.rickwalton.com/authtale/bmyth035.htm_

      FROM THE 1940S until the 1960s, it was fairly widely
      known that there were Pygmies in Australia. They lived in North Queensland and had come in from the wild of the tropical rainforests to live on missions in the region.   This was a fact recorded at the time not only in anthropological textbooks and articles but also in popular books about the Australian Aborigines.   There was even an a-ward-winning children's book tracing their origins.

      Herodotus stated the Phoenicians encountered little dwarf, black-
      men living along the coasts of Africa.   Hollywood film makers have also captured many of these modern-day 'Hobbit/Pygmies' in their Safari Documentaries as well.    Ancient Scandinavian folklore details the little black-dwarf 'Hobbits' that helped them mine ores under the great Meru Mountain of Africa (near Uganda and Kenya).  K..
      The 'Hobbit' Cave..
      ...The 'cave,' which is around 120km east of Kua's village, extends 40m into an escarpment and is as tall as a two-storey house. It lies at the end of a long, bumpy road that winds through coffee plantations and tin-roofed villages...

      The story of the Ebu Gogo has been known to anthropologists for years. It is rich in detail and has few mythical elements - factors that indicate is has a basis in fact, experts say.

      "When I first heard these stories I was a bit sceptical," said Gert D van den Bergh, a Dutch researcher. "But the difference with the Ebu Gogo is that the local villagers talk about them as if they were an actual part of the fauna and that they have no supernatural powers."

      Another distinguishing element to the story is that it
      ends with the villagers having killied most or all of the Ebu Gogo.   In other tales of "little people", the creatures are normally said to still be alive.

      According to local stories it was villagers, not some natural disaster, that provided the catastrophic event that led to the Ebu Gogo's extinction.

      Kua and other village elders said their ancestors - sick of the Ebu Gogo's constant scavenging - chased the creatures into a cave high on the volcano, then handed them bales of straw, which the creatures thought was a gift to keep them warm.

      But the villagers concealed hot coals in the final bale of straw, which caught fire inside the cave, killing all the creatures except one male and one female, Kua said.

      The couple, which escaped from the rear of the cave, were last seen heading west
      - the direction of the cave at Liang Bua where the bones were found. - Sapa-AP


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