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Europes 'Rondels' or rounded 'Atlantean-style' causeways

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  • katsscan
    Europe s oldest rondels with a few Atlantis Marina types British Causewayed camps use elaborate rammed-earth concentric walls and moats. These are often
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      Europe's oldest 'rondels' with a few 'Atlantis Marina' types
      British 'Causewayed' camps use elaborate rammed-earth concentric walls and moats.  These are often associated with 'forts' or walls surrounding farms with old-style round-houses.  More than one author has noted the resemblance to the Capital city of Atlantis by Socrates in Plato's dialogues. Yet there are hundreds of these structures over a very wide geographic area.  There are those in the Americas also.
      Figure 3 
      Figure 3. Principal types of the Neolithic-Roundels in central Danube region: (1) Nìmèièky, Moravia. (2) Vedrovice, Moravia. (3) Nitrianský Hrádok, Slovakia. (4) Rašovice, Moravia. (5) Klaèany, Slovakia. (6) Strögen, Lower Austria. (7) Bìhaøovice, Moravia. (8) Hornsburg 3, Lower Austria. (9) Těšetice-Kyjovice, Moravia. (10) Rosenburg, Lower Austria. (11) Buèany, Slovakia. (12) Cífer, Slovakia. (13) Golianovo, Slovakia. (14) Svodín, Slovakia. Click to enlarge.
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