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Re: gobekli-tepe, also some ancient secrets

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    Referring to Gobekli-Tepe, it appears to be more of an ancient burial complex, and resembles many other burial sites in the Mediterranean and Britain which
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      Referring to Gobekli-Tepe, it appears to be more of an ancient burial complex, and resembles many other burial sites in the Mediterranean and Britain which used similar cairns with thatched roofs, usually with openings in the roofs for entrance (as did  the very ancients who parked domed and pagoda-like vimanas on their flat rooftops, and which vimanas are still called vimanas to this day, but are built without the motive power/motors or engines, in this so-called "modern" day and age). 
      Temples normally have porches with doorways for entrance, along with room for ceremonies and ceremonial worshipers. 
      The links below are pages added to our Group's Web site in Spring of 2012, along with another branch site added in reference to "secrets" within ancient verses in Fall  2012.  (Still have to gather the links for those gone missing pages.)
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