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Massive statue of pharoah Amenhotep III found in Luxor, Egypt

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    Massive statue of King Tutankhamun s grand-father, pharoah Amenhotep III found in Luxor, Egypt A new discovery at Kom el-Hetan by the Egyptian Supreme Council
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      Massive statue of King Tutankhamun's grand-father,
      pharoah Amenhotep III found in Luxor, Egypt
      Pharoah Amenhotep statue
      A new discovery at Kom el-Hetan by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities shows the newly unearthed 3400-year-old red granite head, part of a huge statue of the ancient pharaoh Amenhotep III, at the pharaoh's mortuary temple in the city of Luxor.
      Picture: Reuters Source: Reuters
      A picture taken on November 4, 2007 shows the face of Pharaoh Tutankhamun displayed in a climate-controlled case at his tomb in the Valley of the Kings, close to Luxor, 500 kms south of Cairo.

      EGYPTIAN archaeologists have unearthed a colossal statue head of the pharaoh who DNA tests revealed last week was King Tutankhamun's grandfather, the government said on Sunday.


      The red granite head of King Amenhotep III, part of a larger 3000-year-old statue, was discovered at the site of the pharaoh's funerary temple in Luxor, Egypt's culture ministry said in a statement.

      "The newly discovered head is intact and measures 2.5 metres high," antiquities chief Zahi Hawass was quoted as saying.

      "It is a masterpiece of highly artistic quality and shows a portrait of the king with very fine youthful sculptured features," Hawass said, adding there were still traces of red paint on the head.

      The artefact belongs to a large statue of the king standing with his hands crossed over his chest and holding the royal insignia, said Hourig Sourouzian who headed the team of archaeologists that made the find.

      In recent years, a large quantity of red granite statue pieces have been uncovered at Amenhotep III's funerary temple at Kom al-Hitan on Luxor's west bank.

      Amenhotep III ruled Egypt for 38 years between 1390 and 1352 BC.

      He was almost certainly the grandfather of Tutankhamun, according to the results of DNA tests and computerised tomography (CT) scans on the famed boy king's mummy announced by scientists on February 17.

      from  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/world/massive-statue-of-king-tutankhamuns-grand-father-the-pharoah-amenhotep-iii-found-in-luxor-egypt/story-e6frf7lf-1225835454820

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