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World 'Bronze Age beer-brewing-pits'??

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  • Ancient Star
    Counties ancient Cork and bottling/barreling fields? Mima-Mounds below. Were they simply the globally-wide breweries of the beer-loving merchant Sea
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2008
      Counties ancient 'Cork' and 'bottling/barreling' fields?
      Mima-Mounds below.  Were they simply the globally-wide breweries of the beer-loving merchant Sea Peoples?   Right photo below, shows possible underwater field site with circular pit areas??  The sea has risen several hundred feet since, covering 'areas'.
      Strange Circles and Lines, Bahamas Bank
      Galway's Bronze Age beer brewing-pits
      2,500 year old recipe just tested
      Tue 1st July 2008
      Fulacht Fiadh, which consist of small, horseshoe shaped grass covered mounds, are composed of burnt and fire cracked stones and a central pit or trough. They are common throughout the country – up to 4,500 are known of which some 2,000 are found in County 'Cork' alone - and many more are identified each year...

      It is our belief that a primary use of the fulacht was for brewing beer (although we do concede that the site may have been multi-functional...Radiocarbon dating indicates that the majority of these sites were constructed during the mid to late Bronze Age (c. 1500- c. 500 BC), though some Neolithic examples are known... (some were still in use up to medieval times) http://www.mooregroup.ie/beer/fulacht.html

      Billy Quinn and Declan Moore, two archaeologists with Moore Archaeological & Environmental Services... believe that an extensive brewing tradition existed in Ireland as far back as 2,500 BC. These ubiquitous monuments, the fulacht fiadh, which are visible in the landscape as small, horseshoe-shaped grass-covered mounds, have been conventionally thought of by archaeologists as ancient cooking spots, saunas or industrial sites. However, Mr. Quinn and Mr. Moore believe that they may have also been used as breweries...


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