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2033Bronze Age Catamaran discovery in Wales

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  • katsscan
    Oct 1, 2013
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      Painting – Steve Priske
      Ancient Pirates' rustic dugouts made into 'catamarans' ..
      no doubt had sails.
      "German pirates sail in boats made of a single tree that has been hollowed out; some of these boats carry thirty people." (Pliny the Elder - 'Natural History')
      Bronze Age 'boat building' discovery in Monmouth Wales
      Reconstruction of the channels in the clay earth by Peter Bere
      An artist's impression of how the channels could have been left in the ground at Monmouth Wales
      25 September 2013
      Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a Bronze Age boat building community in Monmouth Wales.

      Excavations show 100ft-long (30m) channels in the clay along which experts think vessels were dragged into a long-gone prehistoric lake.

      Reconstruction of a boat which may have made the marks in the ground

      Reconstruction of a boat by Peter BereMonmouth Archaeological Society started to unearth new findings when work started on Parc Glyndwr housing estate two years ago.

      The research is being published in a book called The Lost Lake.

      Author and archaeologist Stephen Clarke, 71, said: "I started digging here with the society 50 years ago - I wish I had another 50 years."

      He said finds had helped the group to better understand the ancient history of Monmouth long before Roman times.

      The town is served by three rivers but the group said it had evidence to suggest it was actually built on what was a huge prehistoric lake...Over millennia it drained away and finds including charcoal from fires, flint shards and pottery from the Stone Age, Iron Age and Roman times have been found by the town's professional and amateur archaeologists. 

      They have been excavated in sites around the town and in different layers of clay, sand, gravel and peat as the earth-bed composition changed from lake, lagoon, marsh and dry land, according to Mr Clarke.

      Among the discoveries are a pair of "dead-straight" metre-wide channels in the clay shaped like the bottom of wooden canoes - along with a third smaller groove...

      These channels were found over a mound of burned earth which has been carbon dated to the Bronze Age although other finds around the area date back to the Stone Age.

      "I have seen 14-tonne machinery sliding in the clay so it would have been easy to push a boat," said Mr Clarke.

      He believes the finds suggest a settlement and boat building industry... "There is a lot to explain," said Mr Clarke, adding that the area "must have been alive with activity for thousands of years".

      "It is so new [the findings] that most people in the country do not know about it," he said.

      Monnow Bridge
      Monnow Bridge would have been under the prehistoric lake, says Mr Clarke