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2020Goddess Aphrodite statue unearthed in Turkey

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  • katsscan
    Sep 26, 2013
      Conquests recycle-dump discovered ...
      Goddess Aphrodite statue unearthed in Turkey
      Sep 23, 2013

      A life-sized marble head of Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology - has been unearthed during excavations in Southern Turkey.

      Archaeologists made the finding while uncovering an ancient pool-side mosaic at Antiochia ad Cragum (Antioch on the cliffs) on the Mediterranean coast.

      Buried under soil for hundreds of years, the statue has some chipping on her nose and face, 'LiveScience' reported...

      During fresh excavations, they found the statue head lying face-down. The researchers think the marble head was likely long separated from its body; traces of lime kilns have been found near the site, suggesting many statues and hunks of stone would have been burned to be reused in concrete.

      Aphrodite's head is the first fragment of a monumental statue to be found at Antiochia ad Cragum over eight years of digging, Hoff, an art historian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said.

      "We have niches where statues once were. We just didn't have any statues," Hoff said.

      Finally, we have the head of a statue. It suggests something of how mainstream these people were who were living here, how much they were a part of the overall Greek and Roman traditions," said Hoff.

      The researchers also found other traces of Roman influence, such as a second mosaic adorning a building that looks like it might be a temple.