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Large Byzantine iron spear blade (6Cent.AD) Scythian bronze arrow heads (4C.BC)

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    Hi Group, Below is the list of coins and artifacts ending soon. http://stores.ebay.com/cameleoncoins-and-artifacts http://tinyurl.com/6gtjlq Constantine I the
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      Hi Group,

      Below is the list of coins and artifacts ending soon.

      Constantine I the Great(307-337AD)Thessalonica/soldiers
      Thracian Chersonese(4Cent.BC)silver/AR hemidrachm/Grain
      lot, 4 uncleaned Roman imperial coins/AE ant./Gallienus
      Byzantine bronze coin / inscription / Jesus / cross
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (4C.AD) authentic lacquer finish
      LICINIUS I (308-324AD) Nicomedia/follis/ Iovi/silvering
      Probus (276-282AD) Rome / Sol in gallpoing quadriga L.
      Roman bronze ring seal (3Cent.AD) stamp, interesting
      Valens ( 364-378AD) AE 18mm. coin/ Siscia mint/ Victory
      Scythian bronze arrow head (4Cent.BC) interesting/intac
      Maximinus II Daia as Augustus (309-313AD) Thessalonica
      Caracalla (198-217AD) AR denarius / victory & captive
      Constantius II as Augustus (337-361AD) AE Centenionalis
      Roman bronze military button (3-4Cent.AD) Rare & intact
      Interesting unidentified Greek coin/helmeted bust/ bull
      lot of 23 premium uncleaned Roman imperial bronze coins
      Aurelian (270-275AD) AE ant./ Very rare early issue
      Roman ceramic Vase, jug (3C.AD) intact vessel, bottle
      THEODOSIUS I (379-395AD) AE 13mm. Roman coin / Victory
      Julian II Apostate (360-363AD)AE 21mm. / Heraclea mint
      Lot, 2 ancient precoinage currency (6Cent.BC) ringmoney
      Crispus as Caesar (317-326AD) Siscia/ wreath/ silvering
      Rare ancient Roman brokage of Thessalonica/ 2 Victories
      Constans (337-350AD)16mm. Soldiers, spears & standard
      Byzantine bronze cross/ intact & interesting decoration
      Constantine II as caesar (317-327AD) Heraclea/camp-gate
      Lot 5 uncleaned Rare & interesting Roman bronze coins
      Augustus/Barbarous imitation/Victory/Macedon standards
      Roman - Byzantine bronze ring/cross & shield decoration
      Licinius II as caesar (317-324AD) Nicomedia/follis/Iovi
      Nymph Histiaea / Euboia (2Cent.BC) AR tetrobol / EF
      Constantius II as caesar, Rare Rome mint/ 3rd. officina
      Scythian bronze arrow head (4-3Cent.BC) Sharp & intact
      Alexander III the Great (339-323BC)E Macedonian Kingdom
      VALENTINIAN I (364-375AD) AE 18mm./ Constantinople mint
      Plautilla (wife of Caracalla)AR denarius/CONCORDIA/Rome
      Byzantine bronze 1/2 tetarteron (12Cent.AD)olive patina
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (4C.AD) Interesting & authentic
      lot of 6 premium uncleaned Roman imperial bronze coins
      Constantine I the Great (307AD) Antioch mint/ Camp-gate
      CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS (268-270AD)Rare/ Standard/captives
      URBS ROMA (commemorative coin) She-wolf / Thessalonica
      Ancient Roman bronze Thimble/ Rare interesting & intact
      Constantius II as caesar (324-337AD) Siscia / Camp-gate
      Lot of 3 Byzantine bronze coins/ Justin & Sophia/ cross
      Interesting unidentified Greek coin/ Corinthian helment
      Constantine I the Great (307AD) Siscia / Rare bust type
      Scythian bronze arrow head (4Cent.BC) with opening
      VALENTINIAN II (375-392AD) AE 13mm. Nicomedia / Victory
      Lot of 2 rare late Roman bronze coins/ camp-gate/ cross
      Constantine II as caesar (317-327AD)soldiers/NO reserve
      Roman ceramic Vase, jug, (3C.AD) intact Vessel, pottery
      lot of 15 premium Roman imperial bronze coins 14-23mm
      Byzantine silver cross pendant (6-9 C.AD) Rare & intact
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (2C.AD) decorated mask & horn

      Here is the link to this auctions.


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