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A few arrow heads and artifacts ending soon on ebay. Large iron spear blade.

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    Hi All, Below is the list of fine coins and artifacts ending soon. Some still under a dollar ending in a few hours.
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      Hi All,

      Below is the list of fine coins and artifacts ending soon.
      Some still under a dollar ending in a few hours.

      Constantine I the Great (307-337AD) Ticinum / Victory
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (3C.AD) Workshop type / stamp
      FAUSTINA II Jr. (wife of Marcus Aurelius) Trajanopolis
      Roman bone pendant (3Cent.AD) Rare and interesting item
      Thracian Chersonese (4C.BC) silver / Lion / AR Tetrobo
      Interesting large Byzantine bronze coin / Jesus / Cross
      Aurelian (270-275AD) AE antoninianus/ Rare L. bust typ
      Scythian bronze Arrowhead (4-3Cent.BC) Sharp W/ opening
      Galerius Maximianus (305-311AD) Siscia / Quarter follis
      Hadrian (117-138AD) AR/AE denarius "fouree" Rare coin
      VALENTINIAN (364-375AD) AE 18mm./ Victory / Siscia mint
      Roman ceramic Vase, jug, (3C.AD) intact Vessel, pottery
      Probus (276-282AD)AE Antoninianus/Serdica/Sol, quadriga
      Roman bronze ring (3C.AD) rare & interesting seal stamp
      CARACALLA (198-217 AD)14mm. Roman coin/Nicaea/Bithyni
      lot of 5 uncleaned Roman imperial bronze coins / Valens
      Constans (337-350AD) 17mm. Roman coin/ Antioch/soldiers
      Lot of 2 Islaming silver coins/Ottoman empire 16Cent.
      Barbarous imitation follis of Constantine I the Great
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (4C.AD)nice green lacquer finish
      Elagabalus (218-222AD) Philipopolis / Thrace
      Interesting late Roman lead seal (4Cent.AD) Rare type
      Aurelian (270-275AD) AE antoninianus/ ancient silverin
      Diadumenian(son of Macrinus) Nicopolis / Moesia / RARE
      Roman yellow glass paste bead decorated interesti
      Justin II & Sophia (565-578 AD)AE Byzantine half follis
      Constantine I the Great /Rare/EF/ Sirmium mint/ VICTORY
      Alexander III the Great (339-323BC) Macedonian Kingdom
      Scythian bronze Arrowhead (4Cent.BC) interesting/ int
      LICINIUS I ( 308-324AD) 24mm./early issue Thessalonica
      Lot of 3 Byzantine bronze coins/ Justin & Sophia/ cross
      CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS(ancient commemorative coin) Eagle
      Roman ceramic vessel (3C.AD) intact vase, pot, jug, cup
      Quintillus (270 AD) AE Antoninianus / FIDES
      Magnentius(350-353AD)AE centenionalis / Port of Ostia
      Roman - Byzantine bronze ring / interesting decorated

      To view the above auctions please click on the links.

      Good luck,

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