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A few bronze and iron arrowpoints & spearheads for sale. Greek Roman & Byzantine

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    Hi Group, This is the list of coins and artifacts ending soon. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZcameleoncoins http://tinyurl.com/6e4e3 Constantine I the Great
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2008
      Hi Group,

      This is the list of coins and artifacts ending soon.

      Constantine I the Great (307-337AD) Camp-gate/Siscia/EF
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (1-2C.AD) RARE/ intact/Gladiator
      THRACIAN CHERSONESE (4Cent.BC) AR Tetrobol / HP
      PHILIP II (359-336 BC) Macedonian Kingdom / APOLLO
      Jovian (363-364AD) AE19mm. coin/ Heraclea/ brown patina
      Scythian bronze Arrowhead (4-3Cent.BC) Sharp & intact
      Maximinus I Thrax (235-238AD) AR denarius (Good VF) PAX
      Interesting Roman - Byzantine spindle whorl / bead
      Trajan (98-117AD) AE semis/Rome mint/ Dog/ Green patina
      Aurelian (270-275AD) AE ant./ silvering/Rare rev./ Mars
      VALENTINIAN II (375-392AD) AE 22mm./ Aquileia mint
      Roman ceramic Vase, Pot, Jug (3Cent.AD) intact Vessel
      Roman lead seal (3Cent.AD) interesting inscription/Lion
      Thracian Chersonese (4C.BC) silver /AR Tetrobol / grape
      Crispus as Caesar (317-326AD) Heraclea mint/ wreath
      Roman or Byzantine bronze Ring / Decorated & intact
      Numerian (283-284AD) AE antoninianus / virtus, victory
      Greek Bronze Arrowhead (3-2Cent.AD) sharp & intact
      Constantine I the Great/ Constantinople/ Roma & Victory
      Pescenius Niger (193-194AD) AR denarius/ Antioch / RARE
      Probus (276-282AD)AE Antoninianus/Siscia mint/ Quadriga
      Roman terracotta oil lamp (3Cent.AD) light brown laque
      THEODOSIUS I (379-395AD) AE 17mm. coin / Siscia mint
      Nice ancient iron THIMBLE / authentic & intact
      Carus (282-283AD) AE antoninianus/EF/ Serdica mint/ SOL
      Julia Soaemias (mother of Elagabalus) AR denarius/Venus
      Roman bronze Key-Ring (3Cent.AD) interesting & intact
      Bronze Precoinage form of currency (8-6Cent.AD) RARE
      PARION (Thrace 4Cent.BC) AR Drachm / GORGON/ cow
      Lot of 3 coins of Constantine / Camp-gate & Licinius II
      Large Byzantine iron Arrow head (6Cent.AD) Spear blade
      VALENTINIAN I (364-375AD) AE 13mm. Roman coin / SISCIA
      lot 2(commemorative coins) Constantinopolis & Urbs Roma
      Scythian bronze Arrowhead (4-3Cent.BC) Sharp & intact
      Alexander III the Great (336-343AD)Drachm/Heracles/Zeus
      Lot of 2 interesting Byzantine bronze coins
      Constantine I the Great (307-337AD) EF/ Rome mint/RARE
      Thracian Chersonese (4C.BC) silver/ AR Tetrobol/ Weath
      lot of 4 late Roman imperial coins/Honorius, Theodosius
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (3Cent.AD) Decorated & intact
      Severina (wife of Aurelian) AE antoninianus / Rome / EF
      Beautiful Bizantine bronze Ring (10-13Cent.AD) Wearable
      Elagabalus (218-222AD) AR denarius/silver/Rome mint/PAX
      Caracalla (198-217AD) Nicopolis ad Istrum/Moesia inferi
      Precoinage forms of currency (6Cent.BC) ringmoney
      Lot of 4 camp-gates, Constantine, Licinius, Constantius
      Probus (276-282AD) AE Antoninianus / Serdica mint
      Ottoman empire tobacco smoking bronze Pipe/ interesting
      ARCADIUS (383-408AD) AE 13mm. Roman coin / Cyzicus mint
      Theophilus (829-842AD) Byzantine follis/ Constantinople
      Lot 3 Roman antoniniani/ Probus, Maximianus, Gallienus
      lot of 12 nice Roman imperial 15-23mm. bronze coins
      Roman ceramic Vase, JUG, Pot (3Cent.AD) intact Vessel
      Constantine I the Great (307AD) Arelate mint/ victories
      Roman / Byzantine bronze decorated pendant cross
      Maximinus II Daia (305-313AD) AE follis/ Nicomedia / EF
      Roman bone hair pin (3Cent.AD) interesting / decorated
      Constantius II as Augustus (337-361AD) AE Cent./ Siscia
      Lot of 3 Greek bronze coins / Maroneia / Thrace /grapes
      Servilia.P.Servilius M.f.Rullus (BC100) Minerva/Biga
      lot of 3 coins of Gratian, Valentininan I & Theodosius
      Roman ceramic oil lamp (3C.AD) intact & authentic
      Valens ( 364-378AD) AE 19mm. coin / Siscia mint / EF
      Roman/ Byzantine bronze bracelet/Beautiful green patina
      Constantinopolis (commemorative coin) Thessalonica / EF
      Lot of 2 Thracian Chersonese (4C.BC) Star and weath
      Bronze age Knife blade (15-12Cent.BC) 90mm. / Very Rare
      Roman glass seal (3Cent.AD) interesting / Gorgon head
      Roman silver ring (4Cent.AD) Nice, interesting & intact
      Abdera (4Cent.BC) Thrace / AE 12mm. coin / Griffin
      Scythian bronze Arrowhead (4-3Cent.BC) interesting
      Lot of 10 interesting Byzantine bronze coins
      Trajan (98-117AD) AR denarius / Trophy, sword & shields
      Roman bronze Key (3Cent.AD) interesting / decorated
      lot of 20 uncleaned nice Roman imperial bronze coins
      Large Roman Terra-cotta oil lamp/ workshop stamp OCTAVI
      Roman bronze needle (3Cent.AD) interesting / decorated
      Constantine I the Great (307-337AD) Nicomedia/Camp-gate
      Rare Scythian billon arrow-head (4Cent.AD)Sharp/ intact
      Beautiful Roman gold Ring (4-6C.AD)wearable/RARE/intact
      Roman bronze medical tool/ Dental pick (3C.AD) RARE
      Roman / Byzantine interesting silver button decorations
      lot of 4 commemorative coins of Constantine I /quadriga
      Constantius II as Augustus (337-361AD) Antioch mint
      Thracian Chersonese (4C.BC) AR Tetrobol / Hercules Club
      Florian (276AD)AE antoninianus/ full silvering/ Serdica

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