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Check out Television Broadcast Was No More Than "Rumor" by Oded Golan

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    Click here: Television Broadcast Was No More Than Rumor by Oded Golan Television Broadcast Was No More Than “Rumor” ...     At this stage, I wish only
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Click here: Television Broadcast Was No More Than "Rumor" by Oded Golan
      Television Broadcast Was No More Than “Rumor”
      >     For many months, individuals related to the IAA (The Israel Antiquities
      > Authority) have leaked false information to the media and press on five
      > continents and to thousands of websites on the Internet. By Oded Golan March 2004

          At this stage, I wish only to mention two important facts which may
      assist the reader in analyzing the recent “media circus”:
      > 1. The number of times that I have sold or mediated in a sale of antiquities
      > in my entire life is smaller than the number of fingers on my hands, and
      > this in itself is much smaller than the number of sales or exchanges performed
      > by any serious antiquities collector I know in the world.
      > 2. In all my 42 years of collecting antiquities, I have never sold a single
      > item to any individual or institution outside Israel (I reiterate – not even
      > a single item in the entire 42-year period was sold by me outside Israel!).

          For many months, individuals related to the IAA (The Israel Antiquities
      Authority) have leaked false information to the media and press on five
      continents and to thousands of websites on the Internet.
          These include allegations of a “forgery industry” in operation for over
      15 years in Israel, whose participants include senior renown members of the
      academia, international forgers, research institutions, laboratories, and
      collectors – all headed by the antiquities collector, Oded Golan, the undersigned...
      In these reports, individuals from the IAA and the Israel Police have spoken
      to almost every possible media about the exposed “industry” and sales of “
      hundreds of forged items worth millions of dollars to museums and collectors
      outside Israel,” as well as other horrific false allegations. There is no need to
      repeat those here. The dissemination of this biased information reached an
      acme on February 18, 2004, in a television broadcast of a feature on the ”Uvda”
      [Fact] series on Israel Channel 2. The title of this one-sided broadcast was “
      The Hunt for Oded Golan” and its topic was “the forgery of antiquities.”
          The sale and purchase of antiquities is a legal pursuit in Israel and
      collecting antiquities has been my hobby for over 40 years. Today, my privately
      owned collection of biblical antiquities is perhaps the largest and most
      important of its kind in Israel, if not the world. The collection comprises
      thousands of items, some of which are extremely rare, the majority of which have been
      purchased from antiquities dealers (licensed by the IAA) over several decades.
      My collection was accessible to interested researchers and was even partially
      loaned to museums and academic research purposes up to recently.
          In the last 15 months, individuals from the IAA and the Israel Police in
      itiated “investigations” and other steps designed, inter alia, to destroy the
      collection of antiquities in Israel and the livelihood of licensed antiquities
      dealers. Other motives and interests may also be involved. These
      investigations included the interrogation of many antiquity dealers, collectors, research
      institutions, museums, conservators, members of the academia, and others. The
      investigation, which cannot be commented on in detail at this time, has not
      been completed at the time of writing these lines. Indeed, after the broadcast,
      I received another summons for interrogation.
          A police official in uniform and IAA officials appeared in the “Uvda”
      program in an unprecedented public appearance during investigative proceedings
      and in the midst of my own interrogations and the interrogation of others. This
      appearance took place even before findings were submitted to the General
      Attorney (to say nothing of conclusions) and before legal proceedings have been
      completed. They provided information lacking any factual basis, intentionally
      omitted significant sections representing my own position and omitted
      information confirming the authenticity of several of the antiquities items which
      appeared on the broadcast (including information supporting the authenticity of the
      inscription “Ya’akov (James) son of Yosef brother of Yeshu” engraved on the
      ossuary which has been in my possession for over 25 years). They simultaneously
      played the roles of investigators, prosecutors, and judges.
          Without going into the legal issues in depth, the violation of civil
      rights and privacy, personal property, libel, direct damage to personal property,
      publication of information without rights (including scientific information),
      were all blatantly clear to anyone viewing the program. Equally obvious was
      the absolutely improper conduct. On one hand, as the object of investigation, I
      am prevented from responding freely to the media and restrictions of
      discussing information at this stage apply to me. On the other hand, IAA and police
      officials repeatedly stated to the courts that the information concerning the
      investigation is classified, yet the Israel Police had no trouble in approaching
      the media and providing the information to the public during the legal
          Over the 15 months of the “investigation,” three searches were conducted
      in my home and warehouses, and thousands of items were taken from me (most of
      which have since been recovered, only after serving a warning of filing a
      motion to the courts for their recovery). IAA and police officials performed
      countless acts of negligence (from breaking the Yehoash tablet which they took
      from my possession to improper handling and storing the valuable antiquities from
      my collection which IAA officials had seized, causing breakage and the
      destruction of rare and valuable items).
          It is unnecessary to point out that all the information presented to
      viewers of the television broadcast was no more than “rumor” alleged by a police
      officer and an IAA official. Not even a single piece of evidence was presented
      in the program to support any of the various allegations, including my
      alleged involvement in the sale of forged antiquities and the existence of an
      internal ring of forgers and academic researchers who manufacture and sell hundreds
      of forged items, worth millions of dollars, to museums and collectors all over
      the world, for over 15 years, with the help of forgers and senior academic
      researchers (“from Cairo to Toronto”).

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