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Re: ABH Hebrew Compound Names Like YHWH

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  • Holly
    Jack: I listed a bunch of Biblical theophoric names that begin with Y/Yh/Yw, so you are mistaken. Example, the name Yhwa (Jehu); which is a compound theophoric
    Message 1 of 71 , Aug 4, 2013

      I listed a bunch of Biblical theophoric names that begin with Y/Yh/Yw, so you are mistaken. Example, the name Yhwa (Jehu); which is a compound theophoric name consisting of Y + hwa (hwa means 'he' and is pronounced hoo). The 'y' is the theophoric name and 'hwa' is the pronoun 'he'. The name means Y(a) is he. This name alone appears 58 times in the OT.


      --- In AncientBibleHistory@yahoogroups.com, "Jack Kilmon" <jkilmon@...> wrote:
      > One day Noah got up early, had a cup of coffee and a bagel, a strolled
      > around the ark to make sure his charges were, as enjoined, being fruitful
      > and multiplying. He stopped by the hippos and there was a little hippo and
      > he was pleased. He stopped by the aardvarks and the pangolins and the
      > giraffes and sure enough, all had little ones. When he got to the
      > snakes....nothing. What's wrong? he asked. Why aren't you multiplying?
      > Well, said the male snake, to begin with...we're adders. Secondly, we are
      > down here in the bottom of the boat where everyone is watching us. So Noah
      > gathered up a chord of logs and stacked them up high and put a sheet of wood
      > at the top and put the adders on top where they would have some privacy.
      > The next time Noah strolled around, sure enough, there were some baby
      > adders. It proved even adders can multiply with a log table.
      > The Semitic languages that emerged from Canaanite had more than two
      > millennia of cultural drifting before Genesis was written in Hebrew. At
      > that time, Moabite, Amorite, Midianite, Ammonite and Electrolite were as
      > irrelevant as cognates as Beowulf would be to the New York Times. Y(a) is
      > not a theophoric. It is the imperfect. hwh is the verb "to be" hence "I will
      > be."
      > Languages are breathing, living, morphing things subject to idiomatic
      > cultural winds. I assure you that the culture of Josiah was not the same as
      > that of Yohanah Ben Zakkai. In short, with all love and respect, there is
      > no snake in YHWH.
      > Jack
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      > From: Holly
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      > Subject: Re: ABH Hebrew Compound Names Like YHWH
      > LM:
      > I am proposing that in the name YHWH, the theophoric prefix is Y(a) and the
      > appended attribute is 'hwh' which means both life and snake.
      > Holly
      > --- In AncientBibleHistory@yahoogroups.com, Lloyd Barre <lmbarre@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hwh is with a heth not a hey.
      > >
      > > On Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 7:24 AM, Holly <gmrf@> wrote:
      > >
      > > > **
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Hey All:
      > > >
      > > > Kim decided to close the thread where I posted the following. I am
      > > > reposting so as to give LM the chance to reply.
      > > >
      > > > LM:
      > > >
      > > > I decided to look up Biblical names with the theophoric prefix, Y/Yh/Yw
      > > > and an appended attribute as in the name Yhwh or Ya lives/Ya the snake:
      > > >
      > > > Yaalam=Ya hides, Yaanai=Ya answers, Yaasau=Ya makes, Yabin= Ya
      > > > discerns,Yaazah=Ya helps, Yehoahaz=Yh posseses, Yehoash=Yh fired or Yh
      > > > gave, Yehohanan=Yh gave, Yehoiachin=Yh has strength, Yehoiada=Yh has
      > > > knowledge, Yehoiakim=Yh avenges, Yehoiarib=Yh fights or multiplies,
      > > > Ywnadab=Yw gives freely, Yehonathan=grants gifts, Yehoram=Yh exalts,
      > > > Yehoshaphat=Yh is judge, Yehosheba=Yh's oath, Jehoshua=Yh saves,
      > > > Yehozabad=Yh's dowry, Yehozadak=Yh's
      > > > justice, Yehu=Ya is He etc .
      > > >
      > > > As you see the construction one finds in Yhwh, i.e., the theophoric
      > > > prefix
      > > > Y/Yh/Yw followed by an attribute, is very common in scripture which
      > > > bolsters my proposal that Yhwh means Ya the living/Ya the snake. Early
      > > > Yahwists created a double entendre by appending 'hwh' to their god
      > > > Y/Yh/Yw.
      > > > 'Hwh' meant the living but it also included Y/Yh/Yw's sacred animal, the
      > > > nehushtan or snake.
      > > >
      > > > Holly
      > > >
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    • Ethel Jean (Kowan) Saltz
      In addition, the popular example is Chapter/Spell 125 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. When I first joined this group that s where I got acquainted with this
      Message 71 of 71 , Aug 18, 2013
        In addition, the popular example is Chapter/Spell 125 of the Egyptian Book
        of the Dead. When I first joined this group that's where I got acquainted
        with this book. One visit to the Kimbell Museum in Ft.Worth I saw they had
        this book. While waiting in the purchase line, I decided why not open it and
        see what's it all about. The first thing that met my eyes was a one liner
        that said in some god's name that I did not practice homosexuality (Budge
        translation). I couldn't believe it.

        It's treated as part of the history of homosexuality on Internet. Really
        important to know how far back our "average human" concerns about human
        behavior go. So much later in life I decided that the whole listing could be
        simplified today by simply replacing each god's name with YHWH. That also is
        being done on Internet. In fact, I equate this book and purpose no different
        than the FIVE WISHES and that type of brain-dead documentation so prevalent
        today legally (advanced health directive).

        As for YHWH, the compilers of the documents in the Bible might have said,
        "Well, all these different gods can be brought together under the umbrella
        of the Sun God but then who created the Sun? So for me they strategically
        tried to modify human mental behavior by using the word YHWH in a sprinkled
        fashion. I think Chabad should be encouraged to publish on Internet a
        similar listing of all instances of YHWH. I have one myself but who am I? I
        need official scholarly listing. The Hebrew Bible is absolutely set and will
        not change. My Davka Soncino Talmud provided me with this list. I think it's
        atrocious that something so scientifically simple is avoided by every single
        PhD theologian on Planet Earth.

        That's how I interpret Deu:10:17-20. The list is supposed to be done but
        YHWH can bring a horse to water but YHWH understands you can't make the
        horse drink. We are to YHWH what a horse, elephant, dog is to us:) Adding
        this bit about me: When I became Medicare is the first time I found out that
        the USA now trusted "god" and that my own children were brought up in that
        kind of USA. At the same time I became the parent of a 7 week old dog, for
        the first time in my life. How's that for being initiated into a different
        kind of life form in the beginning of my own old age. Convenient incidence:)
        -ethel jks
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