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RE: ABH Re: Noah and the Ark

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  • Richard Abbott
    Hi George, just to play devil s advocate for a moment (surely not we hear them say....) ... We found out that there is NO water above the firmament in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2001
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      Hi George,

      just to play devil's advocate for a moment (surely not we hear them say....)
      can I pick up a couple of points:

      We found out that there is NO water "above the firmament"
      in the sky. And that the Biblical proposition of "doors"
      or "windows" that let the upper water come down as rain
      to be with the lower waters as RIDICULOUS.

      So no one even TRIES to ask if we will ever find the
      firmament separating the 2 waters. We won't. And it
      was only a lack of ability to prove it that kept humans
      from answering the question all these years.

      Well, if you take some of the descriptions as poetic there's no problem. If
      I said to you it was raining cats and dogs I wouldn't expect you to start
      conducting detailed biological analyses of the fluid content to see if I was
      right. Or (at least in the UK) we sometimes say of heavy rain "someone
      pulled the plug out" without strictly conceiving of a celestial bathtub over
      out heads. And I guess if I was trying to describe such a downfall as the
      writer alleges, most metaphors would fail me and maybe I'd start talking
      about doors and windows...

      But on a slightly different tack (and I should say I'm not really committed
      to any theory here, I'm just tossing in ideas), I did read a while ago a
      meteorological claim that the earth could in principle have sustained a
      fairly think layer or canopy of water droplets in the middle layers of the
      atmosphere. This would make the global climate warmer, more equable etc (a
      little bit like greenhouse effect I suppose?). But such a layer would
      (apparently) be unstable in the sense that if it ever fell down there is no
      mechanism for restoring it, unlike most of the earth's system which are
      self-repairing to an extent. Now I have no idea if this theory is at all
      reputable, but it would offer an explanation why there used to be two lots
      of waters (lower and upper) with an expanse (of air) separating them, and
      why this no longer exists. Anyone got more knowledge of this sort of thing
      than I?


      (But I do agree with you that Kim has really started something here...)

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    • Peter Kebbell
      Hi George ... What have I missed? Peter
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 1, 2001
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        Hi George

        > 2) That, if it does exist, that it is in the Arctic.

        What have I missed?

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