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Re: ABH The God Hasameli/Hasamelis of the Hittite/Hurrian Pantheon!

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  • John
    Hi Michael You asked ... There are also those who have equated Australian Aboriginal people with Andaman Islanders, or the Veddas of Ceylon. Michael, genetic
    Message 1 of 41 , Jul 1, 2003
      Hi Michael

      You asked

      > John, would you include the Ainu here at all, or maybe the Ainu
      > have some of this stock. It's been said that there are some
      > biological similarities between Australian Aborigines and Ainu.

      There are also those who have equated Australian Aboriginal people
      with Andaman Islanders, or the Veddas of Ceylon. Michael, genetic
      studies have shown these associations are all spurious. The Ainu are
      most closely related to the Japanese (although this has come as
      somewhat of a shock to the Japanese who believed Ainu to be totally
      unrelated. Like the Japanese they appear related to two separate
      people (poised equidistant between them) - related on one side to the
      Formosan Austronesian people (a family that used to be called Malayo-
      Polynesian) and hence to the South East Asians, and on the other hand
      they are connected to the Altaic related people of North East Asia
      (Manchu, Mongol and Forest Turkic peoples).

      The Jomon culture, which is ultimately Ainu seems to have come across
      Central and East Asia, with the spread of Upper Paleolithic Cultures,
      together with the spread of litorial people (coastal dwelling people)
      spreading up from South East Asia.

      I wrote
      > > the so-called-Ethiopians, reported by Greek writers in Southern
      > > Arabia, although these may have been more recent arrivals from
      > > Africa)

      Michael asked
      > John, whom do you mean are probably the ancestors of the
      > Ethiopians, the people Holly mentioned or Southern Arabs? And what
      > do you mean by so-called-Ethiopians? Although, I believe the term
      > Ethiopia was originally a geographical term?

      Ethiopia literally means the home or place of the Ethiopians.
      Michael, to the Greeks the Ethiopians were people whom they
      considered to be darker than themselves. It would be equivalent to
      the modern use of the term "coloured". This dark skinned people of
      Southern Arabia, the Gedrosian coast of Iran, the Dravidians and any
      others were all called Ethiopians, as we would call them perhaps
      Blacks. But like the Dravidians, who in fact are more closely
      related to the blond Nordics than to the people of Ethiopia, their
      skin colour does not illustrate any common origin.


    • Holly Aldahir
      John: Thanks for the clarification! Holly ... http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/AncientBibleHistory
      Message 41 of 41 , Jul 8, 2003
        Thanks for the clarification!
        > Holly wrote
        > > More than likely partly borrowed and partly
        > developed
        > > on their own, just like all scripts.
        > Holly, the only script that seems to have developed
        > in Southern
        > Arabia/Yemen was the mature South Arabian script.
        > No earlier Proto-
        > Sinaitic or Proto-Canaanite scripts have ever been
        > found in this
        > region, and a complete development sequence has been
        > put together
        > from inscriptions in the Levant. The scripts from
        > which it developed
        > are located in the Sinai Region (known as Old
        > Negev). As I
        > suggested, this developed from an even earlier
        > alphabetic script,
        > Proto-Sinaitic (which may have had some influence on
        > the development
        > even of the Ugaritic cuneiform alphabet!)
        > Regards John
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