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oldest cultures

looking at a globe, it is easy to see that the oldest cultures on earth were in those lands close to the equator. this includes indonesia, cambodia, myanmar,
mike white
10:29 PM

Thanks for having me

Thanks for welcoming me to this group. The subject matter is right up my ally, and I'm always looking to share and learn more.Thank you again.
Justin Irick
Nov 19


I once saw a brontosaurus depicted on a rock face in the sahara. another cliff face in a canyon on the colorado plateau had a dinosaur drawn on it, with
mike white
Nov 18

greatest cultures

there were many advanced high cultures, in many parts of the world. egypt is as old as the nile, it reached advanced mature culture several times. our lads
mike white
Nov 18

blavatsky sd - ets - karma

‘Whatever reality things possess must be looked for in them’ the ego advances with a series of awakenings, and greater perception of reality. being able
mike white
Nov 16

Re: mexico - andes - usa southwest

here is some information on the ancient mayan roads, called sacbes. they had built an extensive road system, connecting most of the ancient cities. they
mike white
Nov 13

ancient flight

cayce reported that a world caucus was held in circa 50,000 bce, and those who attended came by balloon. skins of huge animals were inflated. it would have
mike white
Nov 12


let me try to recall what I have learned about mexico. it is far from the academic concensus, but seems more plausible to me. I do study what the experts
mike white
Nov 10


for most of the long history of mankind, security was a major concern of men. water, food, shelter, and protection. it was only in the last few centuries,
mike white
Nov 8

pole stars

even our experts have different opinions in identifying former and future pole stars. adding to their confusion they do not know that the polar axis of the
mike white
Nov 8

Re: uk punjab - blavatsky - other

A few views... I thank you for your answer, Mike. Yes. Sometimes we digest, sometimes we have digested, and other ideas. *On Kali Yuga and other stuff:* One of
Morten Nymann
Nov 8

Re: uk punjab - blavatsky - other

Thanks, but the link does not work on my computer. And it is the full 719 pages edition which is in focus not the small edition with 318 pages. On 07-11-2017
Morten Nymann
Nov 8

kon tiki

I had read the book ‘kon tiki’ years ago, and just got around to seeing the 2012 movie. thor heyerdahl had an adventure, but it was ill conceived. he and
mike white
Nov 8

blavatsky sd - el nino factors and implications

‘man may escape the sufferings of rebirths and even the false bliss of Devachan, by obtaining Wisdom and Knowledge’ [ study is necessary. ] [ other : el
mike white
Nov 6

Re: uk punjab - blavatsky - other

its on google books read it free
dago88881 .
Nov 6
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