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Re: polybius

polybius considered the constitutions of sparta and carthage to be excellent. his view of them only went back to lycurgus of sparta 750bce, even less far for
mike white
5:16 AM

Re: polybius

i do recall reading somewhere about him and the recreation of the voyages. i just do not recall any more mention of them or if he found anything. would be
Aleksandra R
May 27

Re: polybius

the greeks had a code of honor concerning war. at winter both sides stopped the war, and dismissed the soldiers to go home. as a general rule the sanctity of
mike white
May 21

New discovery pushes back tool use in humanity by almost a million y

Terry Sofian
May 20


polybius says that the caspian sea connected to the black sea, which in turn discharged thru the hellespont. he has many rivers feeding the caspian sea, and
mike white
May 17

Re: "odysseus unbound"

uplift is not only slow and gradual, but sometimes massive and sudden. our lads are slow to realize this. had the 1 inch/year uplift now seen, continued
mike white
May 16

odysseus unbound

now i see that the entire western peninsula is called paliki. his scenario becomes more plausible, although i had figured the separation at a different
mike white
May 15


the romans had inferior generals. the consuls were selected from the noble families, more by politics than by military merit. when hannibal entered italy, the
mike white
May 13

Re: odysseus unbound

author believes the locations are true, but the other events were invented. he believes that schliemann found troy in the dardanelles. i admit that the
mike white
May 13

odysseus unbound

it begins describing the 1953 great quake that leveled most of the buildings of cephalonia. 90% of the people never returned to the island of cephalonia. the
mike white
May 10

Re: polybius - gas giants

surprisingly, flaminius' character was known by hannibal, who used his opponents ambition to outwit him in battle. he knew that the roman consuls were about
mike white
May 9


there are so many hannibals and hannos, that its hard to keep it straight. hasdrubal and his son hannibal were great generals, as was hamilcar barcas. much
mike white
May 8

Re: review of 'odysseus unbound'

Mike, I totally agree. The frontiers of Science and Philosophy are being explored, for the most part, by brave persons outside Academia. Most scholars are
May 7

review of 'odysseus unbound'

author, as an academic, sets the date of the trojan war 12th c bce. this is no surprise. i wonder if off-the-record, they really believe that date? i dont
mike white
May 7


when i think of freedom and democracy - i think of athens. but much credit should be given the achaian league. several city-states agreed that all would make
mike white
May 5
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