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Dr. Arthur Eze Honored

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  • UgobeluNORJI Dunukofia
    DUNUKOFIA CONGRATULATES His Majesty: Dr. Arthur Eze, Philanthropy Lord Arthur; I love you. People love you. GOD loves you most. - Bond Anika.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 23, 2009

      DUNUKOFIA CONGRATULATES His Majesty: Dr. Arthur Eze, Philanthropy Lord  

        "Arthur; I love you. People love you. GOD loves you most." - Bond Anika.

      Congratulations! Congratulations! ! Congratulations! !!

      Salutations One - ORANTO Acquires Refinery Asset in USA

      I, Bond Anika, UgobeluNORJI Dunukofia, on behalf of Dunukofia Royal Intelligence and UKD International, wish to congratulate Prince Arthur Eze for his commendable achievement regarding the closing of a Refinery Joint Venture deal in USA. Clearly, this development has portrayed the founder, owner, Chairman and CEO of AtlasORANTO Petroleum as a leading global provider of energy solutions who has achieved world standard for excellence. Nice!

      On Wednesday, November 11, 2009, An Oranto-Calcasieu joint venture alliance concluded the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the expansion of an existing refinery plant which includes the construction of a holding tank with 100,000 barrels capacity and supply of crude oil. The partners in the planned undertaking include Prince Arthur Eze and John Duess, the CEO of Calcasieu, a US-based refinery in Lake Charles, Louisianawww.crownroyalenerg y/refinery 

      According to the terms of the collaborative agreement and international consortium, Prince Eze will act as the foreign partner for the operation of the refinery which currently runs an installed production capacity of 100x365 barrels per year. Further to the understanding of Oranto-Calcasieu due diligence, Oranto will be responsible for evaluating the feasibility of its undertaking in addition to supplying crude to the refinery through its oil field assets in Sub-Sahara Africa: www.crownroyalenerg y/asset

      The project is estimated to attract an investment capital of 20,000,000.00 US Dollars in order to fulfill the primary objectives of the refinery’s first expansion project. Upon completion, it is anticipated that the refinery will attract an annual turn-over of 2,000,000,000. 00 - 4,000,000,000. 00 US Dollars. Nice! 

      Salutations Two - Prince Arthur Eze's Conferment of Hon Doctorate Degree

      The conferment of an Honorary Doctorate Degree to Prince Arthur Eze is one of those history-making occasions that compels one to reflect on Arthur's legacy. Therefore, it is with great joy and profound passion that I use this medium to congratulate Prince Arthur Eze on the conferment of an Honorary Doctorate Degree by UNIZIK: Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. 

      As a philanthropist per excellence, a prestigious wealthy man with passionate moral character and exceptional God-fearing affluent personality, Prince Arthur Eze has consistently demonstrated the significance of "Loving One Another" to numerous helpless and poor people of all races. It is obvious that Prince Eze, as a guy who has positively impacted the lives of people of all races worldwide, is worthy of the honor awarded to him by Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Folks who know Prince Arthur Eze and other business associates of Atlas-Oranto Petroleum and CrownROYAL Energy will definitely agree with me that Prince Arthur Eze's effective and relentless efforts in promoting the love of mankind have overwhelmingly won the hearts of us all. 

      Salutations Three - Eulogy of a Philanthropy Lord: General Arthur Eze

      I will relentlessly show my hearty appreciation to Prince Arthur Eze, UKD GodFATHER, Philanthropy Lord and a Guy with an incredible legacy, for his kind attitude toward the survival of Dunukofia convention. The occasion which featured Movement of The People (MOP) and Operation UKD Shield (OUS) was the first family re-union of Dunukofia people. Prince Arthur Eze, a remarkable Dunukofia Prince, also known as World Man, Ochiagha Ndi Igbo, Ozo Igbo Ndu, Kangiwa Gawu Babangida and Eze Na Ukpo, has earned substantial credence and honorary General in respect to his compassion for GENEROSITY and love of mankind. The degree of brotherliness and immeasurable auspices provided by Prince Arthur Eze for the survival of UKDI is clear to Dunukofia People. 

      I equally seize this opportunity to add that the Philanthropy Lord played a noble role in bailing UKDI from its convention planning chaos and analysis paralysis during the early stages of its founding. It is also evident to folks who attended Houston Mission that Prince Arthur Eze delighted in financial uplifting of this Giant Image, which, in turn, diffused unforeseen threats to the vision of UKDI and propagated the integrity of its operational imperatives. Nice!

      Surely, it is clear to the founding fathers of UKDI that Prince Arthur Eze is worthy of this eulogy as far as promotion of Dunukofia welfare, culture and legacy is at stake. Prince Arthur Eze did not attend convention in view of circumstantial business obligations; however, in the splendor of his profound kindness and support for HoustonCampaign and first Family Re-union of Dunukofia people, he sent delegates from London. Indeed, the goodness of Prince Arthur's love and well-being of Dunukofia people has shined upon the survival of UKDI with passion and flair. Regardless!

      General Arthur Eze, Chairman and CEO of Atlas and Oranto Petroleum International and founding associate of www.crownroyalenerg y, is magnificently recognized as successful Oil and Gas Industry Tycoon Mega-Guru and one of the world most notable generous business men. Prince Arthur Eze, often seen as Prince among Princes, has utilized an immeasurable providence of GOD to demonstrate his sincere delight for the wellness of Ukpo people, Dunukofia community and mankind in its entirety.

      Known for his kind hearted, generous and expansive personality, the most popular Sub-Saharan African Prince and Dunukofia Affluent Son of The Soil has given back to the global community of Dunukofia people and beyond uncomparatively. In fact, I, Ugobelunorji Dunukofia, can bluntly infer that Prince Arthur Eze is equally a God-send whose mission and primary objectives are destined to carry out God-loving, selfless assignments in our midst and beyond.

      It is now obvious that our almighty God uses those who make themselves available. No kiddin'. Please, give it up to Prince Arthur Eze!

      Congratulations! Congratulations! ! Congratulations! !!

        "Arthur; I love you. People love you. GOD loves you most." - Bond Anika. 

      My sincere loyalty - Bond J. C. Anika, Arch, Sys-Engr.

      FounderLEADER and Pro-Chairman: Kingdom of Dunukofia International

      Acting-President General: Dunukofia Improvement Union (DIU)

      Do Not Mess With Dunukofia: A Sub-Saharan God's Own Kingdom


      Empire of UKD: A Sunset Glow - "Egbe Belu Ugo Belu: Ofo Solu Ibie Le o"

      The moral support, thought involvement and foresight of the following individuals have helped to breed passion for UKDI Vision and unity amongst Dunukofia people:

      Prince Nonso Onochie, Prince Okwudili Nwegwu, Hon Ossie Ezeaku, Prince Chinedu Okoye, Dr. Felix Kamuche, Chief Obinna Mbachu, Hon Emma Otunabo, Prof. ABC Udemgba, Dr. Obiora Ekweani, Hon Greg Nebeolisa, Crown Prince Walter Eze, Sister Ogo Madumere, Dr. Zee Okunna, Hon Peter Izuako, Hon Ben Ezeaku, Lt. Col J. Obindu, Hon Ejiofor Okoye, Hon Pius Ilogu, HRH Evangelist Justina Nebechianya Walter-Eze , Hon Francis Nwachukwu, Prince Chiedozie Eze, Godwin Okafor, Hon Edwin Obiora, Rev. Sister Anyanechi, Ugochukuw Anika, Barrister A. Akabua, Sister Edith Mbachu, Hon S. Anigbankpu, Dr. M. Chibuzor, Hon O. Chigbo, Hon Robert Dilim Eze, Hon Uchenna Okeke, Chief Edwin Okeke, Prince Ejike Onochie, Sister Nnena Mbachu, Igwe G. Nwegwu - EZE UDO , Prof. S. M. Anika, Engr. Odenigbo, Sister Patie Obika, Dr. B. Awachie, Hon Nnoruka, Sister Ngozi Onowu, Chief Ben Anwuta, Hon Gerry Udemezue, Hon Alias Oku, Hon Peter Ogudo, Sister Ifediora Ebele, Hon Tonna Udegbunam, Hon Tony Adibe, Prince Dr. Okey Walter-Eze, Onuorah Anika, Hon Alias Oku, Hon Obi Abaeze, , Sister Florence Olie, Sister Ngozi Ojingwa, Igwe E. Iluno - EZE DUNU II- EZEDIORAMA, Dr. Eric Okunna, Ven. Ken Oduche, Gcap. Benson Okoye, Ichie Mbonu, Prince O. Eze, Hon Okey Okoye, Hon B. Abalogu, Rev. E. Afunugo, Hon Johnny Obika, Dr. Ben Arah, Hon Okey Ogbuagu, Sister Ekwui Okeke, Sister N. Obadike, Sister Eunice Okpokwasili, Dr. Greg Okafor, Princess Jemaimah Eze, Prince Okey Onochie, Hon O. Igweilo, Dr. Omanukwue, Hon Chiedozie Anika, Igwe T. C. Tagbo- EZEUKWU , Hon Charles Udemezue, Hon C. Okunna, Sister V. Onuorah, Chief Mbonu, Hon Ebele Anika, Prof. B. Okpokwasili, Prince O. Nwegwu, Hon Emma Eke, Hon Francis Asokwu, Hon Stanley Egbuna, Sister Rose Nzeduba-Okafor, Hon A. Adubasim, Arc./Sys. Engr. Bond Anika ( UKDI-DIU Founder/Leader )- Ugo Belu Norji Dunukofia, Prince Chykedon Onochie, Sister Ngozi Ogbuagu, Hon Dennis Okoye, Hon A. Akidi, Sister Oge Okoye, Hon Felix Eze, Bishop G. Otubelu, Princess Ifie Tagbo, Hon Obi Okonkwo, Rev. Tony Aduaka, Hon Joe Egwuonwu, Jerome Okafor, Dr. Uche Odenigbo, Chief Vin Nwankwo, Princess Mary Eze, Hon Emma Osakwe, Sister Ije Ekweani, Hon Julius Sea, Ichie Sam Okeke, Christy Okoye, Hon B. Obi, Sister Azuka Dele-Ezeaku, Hon Bobby Okoye, Olisa Eze, Sister Chinwe Onyiuke, Hon IG Obidigbo, Igwe F. Onochie - NNACHI , Hon Okey Adibe, Hon Ik Okwuoma, Rev. Udechukwu, Dr. Omanukwue, Hon MartinNwafor, Ichie R. Aruchize, Hon T. Adubasim, Hon Osi Anusi, Hon Chuka Ezeaku, Hon Julius Ezedigbo, Hon C. Ezedinma, Hon A. Ezekwesili, Hon dickson Ibekwe, Igwe R. C. Eze- EZENWENWE , Hon Ferdinand Igwilo, Deacon Ike Nwafor, Hon Simeon Nwafor, Hon Nonso Nwaokpatu, Hon Stanly Obeleagu, Sister Meg Okoli, Hon Flint Obiekwe, Hon Nnake Nweke, Chief Okey Odionu, Hon Chika Echezona, Hon Ezike Charles, Hon Tim Dike, Hon Oska Ezeaku, Prof Chinyere Okunna, Hon Ifeanyi Omeokachie, Ikechukwu Udem, Jerry Ukeh, Ik Okafor, Chief Eric Okoye, Hon Emma Osakwe, Igwe R. Chukwurah- ONOWU , Barrister Ifeoma Dibiaezue-Esiri, Hon Emeka Okoye, Hon Echezona Ogbo, Dr. S. Adibe, Hon Godfrey Anyansi, Hon Hartford Okeke, Dr. Emeka Egbuonu, Dr. E. Walter-Eze, Chief Vin Okoye, Hon John Mochaa'Uchefuna, Rev. H. Oduche, Hon Agba, Prof. F. Nweke, Ifie Anyadubalu, Dr. Henry Ekweani, Sister C. Igwegbe-lane, Ernest Okeke, Nina Mbachu-Okeke, Dr. G. Okeke, Hon N. Nwasinoke, Dr. Julius Sea, Dr. and Engr. Odenigbo, Chiedozie Dibiezue, Ichie Ofodile Okafor, Hon Ifeanyi Okafor, Barrister Chizoba Omeokachie, Ikenna okafor, Hon Cyprain Okeke, Hon Geff Okoye, His Majesty Philanthropist Prince Engr. Arthur Eze ( UKDI-DIU Godfather ) - "KANGIWA GAWU BABANGIDA," Peter C. Okoye, Patrick Omenka, Ugochukwu Anika, Onuorah Anika, Hon Gab Okpokwasili, Francis Omenka, Adobi Anika, Prof. G. S. C. Okpokwasili, Obi Dibiezue, C. Chukwurah, Lt. Joe Obi Ndu, Lilian Omeokachie, Dr. C. Tagbo, Ubaka Anika, Ngozi Omenka, Hon Jepherson Okeke, Hon A. Ezekwesili, Hon Joe Okoye, Nwamaka Ivenso, Hon Nze Ifeacho, Levi Abalogu, Veronica Okonkwo, Barrister Enekwechi, Hon Onuorah, Cy Anika, Emeka Emekwa, Sister Chinwe Igwegbe-Lane, Ofodile Okafor, Mike Okeke, Ogbonna Omeokachie, Cyril Nnadozie, Murphy Mokezie, Hon Chiedu Okoye, Machi Okeke, Chike Okoye, Vincent Omenka, Obinna Okeke, Emeka Nwako, Olome Jerry, Amaka Anika, Agundu Okafor, Ogbuefi Nnanyelugo John Ejoh, Francis Okafor, ...ETC...ETC…ETC… 

      "Strength is acquired through unity, Vision through strength; it is through vision that Wonders are made"- Ugobelunorji Dunukofia Kingdom 

      His Majesty Dr. Arthur Eze, Philanthropy Lord

      Congratulations! Congratulations! ! Congratulations! !!

        "Arthur; I love you. People love you. GOD loves you most." - Bond Anika.

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