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Re: Looking for a CA3080

Hehehe - Thanks Paul - In the five years since my last post I've stocked up quite a few - No worries. -Mu.
Jan 27, 2011

Re: Looking for a CA3080

Hi Mu, They are still available on Ebay for a reasonable amount for a few. Cheers Paul
Jan 21, 2011

Re: Looking for a CA3080

Sorry for the delay, but why not use a LM13700 and just use two of the 4 channels? I'm sure you could build it onto a daughter board that plugs into the 8pin
Jan 19, 2011

Synths for sale or trade

Hi, I have a range of analogue and digital synthesizers for sale or trade: Korg M500 Micro Preset Korg 900PS (not working) Korg M1 Novation Bass Station
Mar 30, 2010

Search ALL Craigslist

Hi, RaveTrade.com just created a " Search ALL Craigslist " program. Now You Can : 1) " Search ALL Craigslist " and RaveTrade.com with One Click ! 2) Super
Apr 22, 2009

New COTK sequential gate controller

The new Q961S Gate Sequencer from Club of the Knobs is out. There are single and duel gate controllers. These look nice.
David Ryle
Jan 14, 2009

Some analog synthesizer songs (and some hybrids)

Here is a link to my song website. I've been on hiatus from music-making until 2007 so some of these are pretty lame. For the most part only a few of the tunes
David Ryle
Jan 10, 2009

New to group and introduction

It doesn't seem like there is much happening here, but I like the format so I thought I'd join last night. There aren't too many purely analog modualr
David Ryle
Dec 29, 2008


Hi Guys, Anyone out there speak ETI3600/4600 ? I have the construction manuals for 4600 and the 3800/5600(Maplin), but would like to get the magazine articles
Apr 18, 2008

Jen SX1000

Hi guys, I'm looking to do a few mods on my Jen, Basically I want an audio input at the VCF stage, and maybe CV/Gate, or any other mods that can be done. If
Oct 15, 2007

Re: Silent Roland SH1000 (part 2, also cross posted)

After testing each and every component, trace and wire, the fault proved to be wear on the cable-to-board connectors. The metal was simply worn past breaking
Sep 21, 2007

Re: Servicing an Arp Odyssey

I used plastic caps from ELFA on my mk II - it's a tight fit, and they don't have all the funky colours, but I'm pleased. Catalog number 35-331-55 and
Sep 20, 2007

Silent Roland SH1000 (cross posted)

Just in case anyone has encountered this variety before - Appearantly, the unit has suffered a voltage spike, blowing the fuse on the "pulse Sheet Assembly"
Sep 20, 2007

Apologies for the recent spammage...

I've noticed someone or some company has joined the group and spammed up the messageboard and email system. My apologies for this, and I have cleared out all
Feb 14, 2007

Re: Yamaha CS 10, i'm getting one next week and i need infooo! :)

I got a CS5, and it sounds nuthin like a MS10... way way different.. I sure do love both tho. Both early Korg & Early yamaha both had Hz/octave & S-trig for
Aug 14, 2006
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