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14Lord Jesus our savior

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  • Monica
    Jan 18, 2009
      we were without rent or food
      and he provided us with a food card and gave my mom a job to pay the
      bills all in the course of 3 days thats our lord Jesus

      he will work miracles for all those who trust in him

      Ask and you shall receive knock and He shall answer and the door will
      be opened

      i wont tell you to give this to 10 people the # doesnt matter the
      more the better

      invite a person to church
      give a bible to someone

      in Wa its always been common to see people standind at intersections
      homeless and asking for help.

      give someone the word of the lord Jesus and spread the good news

      the lord will bless you in unexpected ways if you trust in him

      pass this on