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Fw: [antir-fighters] Marshal meeting notes from May Crown -- Part 2 of 3

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  • Jean Colbert
    ... From: Althaia Subject: [antir-fighters] Marshal meeting notes from May Crown -- Part 2 of 3 To: Fighters email list
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2012
      --- On Wed, 6/20/12, Althaia <quarong@...> wrote:

      From: Althaia <quarong@...>
      Subject: [antir-fighters] Marshal meeting notes from May Crown -- Part 2 of 3
      To: "Fighters email list" <antir-fighters@...>, antir-rapier@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 12:12 AM

      AN TIR MARSHALS MEETING   --  MAY CROWN  2012  (5/19/12)     --  Part 2 of 3

      you to all of the marshals and lists staff who have completed this
      additional task since Ursalmas and reported the information to Viscount
      Matheus.  It helped him gain a more accurate understanding of the accuracy
      of our records.  It is no longer necessary to send this information in. 

      LISTS DATABASE and fighter & marshal cards:

      *    Per the ABC's, the database is the official record of authorized
      fighters and marshals, not your yellow card.  The Lists database can be
      viewed at  <http://antirlists.org> http://antirlists.org
      *    It is the responsibility of the fighter or marshal receiving the
      card to verify that their information has been  correctly entered into the
      Lists database.  If you do not see it there within 6-8 weeks, then check
      with the person who took the top half of your card and with Kingdom Lists to
      see where the paperwork has been delayed. 
      *    Legibility is vital or Lists cannot enter your information correctly
      or contact you if there's a problem.   Please do not use abbreviations for
      branches or cities, as this is a large Kingdom, and abbreviations common in
      your area may be unknown to those entering the card. 
      *    Marshals signing cards:  Make sure your own marshal and SCA
      membership card are current before signing.  Immediately send all paperwork
      to Kingdom Lists.  (Current officer addresses are at
      http://www.antir.sca.org/Offices/index.php#marshal )
      *    If you are using the postal service to mail in cards, keep a copy of
      the top half just in case the original goes missing.   (Also copies of any
      promotion forms.)
      *    Cards and promotion forms will be accepted electronically via PDF or
      JPG file as long as they are clearly legible and have handwritten signatures
      in the relevant blanks.  Send them to  <mailto:lists@...>
      *    HL Jenae la Joyeaux will be stepping down at September Crown.  Her
      replacement has been selected.


      *    Two marshals from Tir Righ share some of the background about how
      this question came to be asked after so many bouts:  It was a response to
      repeated instances in which the fighters left the field with one person
      being declared as the winner, then coming back later wanting to re-fight the
      bout.  Asking this question was seen as a way of clarifying the conflict was
      really resolved, so re-fights would not occur. 
      *    Fighters should be instructed at the beginning of every competition
      that once they leave the eric they cannot come back and re-fight, they need
      to resolve everything while still on the field. 
      *    Rapier  --  Don Luciano confirms that His Majesty Ieuan gave
      permission at 12th Night for the rapier community to continue using this
      question at their discretion.
      *    Armored  --  Viscount Matheus reaffirms that this question will NOT
      be used on the armored field, due to that community's discomfort with the
      implications that the marshal saw a problem the fighters missed.  If the
      marshal is unclear on who won a bout, they can politely ask for
      clarification from the fighters using other phrases. 

      REPORTS & FORMS   --  All officers need to use the forms on the Kingdom
      website when submitting their reports.  Forms can now be saved after they
      are filled out and then emailed to the appropriate officer.  There is a
      discussion about setting up a way to submit this information directly on the
      website as Avacal does, so stay tuned. 

      *    An Tir manuals can be downloaded at
      http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/index.php#combat.shelf   and forms from
      *    Society manuals can be downloaded at
      <http://www.sca.org/docs/library.html> http://www.sca.org/docs/library.html

      *    The Marshal Leadership is looking at revisions to the waiver YAC
      participants must sign at each tournament, and which accompany the ongoing
      authorization for older teens participating in adult armored and rapier
      combat.  There is also discussion of a practice roster form for YAC
      practices.  If you have any thoughts on these issues, please send them in


      Maestra Althaia filia Lazari

      Marshal, Lists Deputy, & Curia Clerk

      Member of Clan Carn & Dragon's Laire

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