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Fw: [antir-fighters] Marshal meeting notes from May Crown -- Part 1 of 3

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  • Jean Colbert
    ... From: Althaia Subject: [antir-fighters] Marshal meeting notes from May Crown -- Part 1 of 3 To: Fighters email list
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2012
      --- On Wed, 6/20/12, Althaia <quarong@...> wrote:

      From: Althaia <quarong@...>
      Subject: [antir-fighters] Marshal meeting notes from May Crown -- Part 1 of 3
      To: "Fighters email list" <antir-fighters@...>, antir-rapier@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 12:11 AM

      AN TIR MARSHALS MEETING   --  MAY CROWN  2012  (5/19/12)     --  Part 1 of 3

      Significant figures present:

      *    Kingdom Earl Marshal  -  Viscount Matheus Bane
      *    Kingdom Youth Armored Combat Marshal  -  HL Jolgeirr Alarson
      *    Kingdom Rapier Marshal  -  Don Luciano Foscari
      *    Western Region Armored Marshal   -  HL Steven Desjardin
      *    Western Region Rapier Marshal  -  HL Christopher MacEveny
      *    Attended by 8 other marshals of varying disciplines
      *    Notes written by Maestra Althaia filia Lazari

      Thank you to those who made an effort to attend the meeting in between the
      finals of Crown Tournament and Evening Court.  Obtaining a timeslot at Crown
      events is difficult with so many other things going on.  Given that many
      people are unable to attend these meetings, please repeat this information
      on other mailing lists for specific marshal disciplines, branch and
      household lists, etc.  Encourage your fellow marshals to subscribe to the
      fighter and marshal email lists. 

      CONGRATULATIONS TO HL TARADAN BANMARCA of the Shire of Midhaven for being
      selected as the Honored Marshal of An Tir for 2012-13.  Tara was recognized
      for her efforts in arranging for practice time, space, and insurance for
      equestrians in NW Washington.  She has been very welcoming to new riders and
      ground crew, and patient in teaching them the rules of this sport.  Tara has
      worked with her husband Sir Thorkel to transport mounts and equipment for
      others to use at events, and has often been seen setting up paddocks and
      games at all hours and in all kinds of weather.  Tara was complimented on
      her patient, kind, and fair attitude, and for placing the safety and
      well-being of horses, riders, and spectators above all else; allowing so
      many to enjoy an exciting part of our historical culture. 

      BRANCH MARSHALS AND MIC'S AT EVENTS  --  Please remember that both positions
      must be held by someone who is currently a paid SCA member, and recorded in
      the Lists Database as a current marshal in the discipline they will be
      overseeing.  Whether the person must be a junior or senior marshal depends
      on the position and the discipline.  Please review the relevant Book of
      Combat for details.  If you need help locating or authorizing suitable
      volunteers, contact your Regional or Principality Deputy. 

      PROMOTION REQUIREMENTS  --  There continues to be confusion about what is
      required, and so I will shortly re-post the message from December
      summarizing the expectations.  However, your authoritative source of
      information is the combat handbook for the discipline in question.  --  As a
      very quick reminder here:  All marshals must be current SCA members.  A
      promotion form with two signatures is required for every new junior marshal
      in every discipline.  Promotion forms must also have the signature of the
      regional, principality, or Kingdom deputy for every new senior marshal in
      every discipline.   (Equestrian and youth armored combat have additional
      requirements.)  Marshals renewing cards that have not yet expired do not
      need to do promotion forms, but must show proof they are current SCA members
      to the signing marshal, and record this information on the top portion of
      the card.


      *    Armored  --  The original plan was to have a new edition released
      this spring, however that is now on hold due to the change in the
      discussions happening at the Society level with the new Society Marshal
      stepping up.  An addendum will be published in the new future on the Combat
      Shelf of the An Tir website with those rule changes that will be official in
      the interim.

      .         Rapier  --  Work on the new edition is starting now.  This will
      include clarifying the language around marshal promotions.  If you have
      comments, please send them to Don Luciano at [
      <mailto:rapier-marshal@...> rapier-marshal  (at) antir.sca.org].
      The goal is to have the new edition released by 12th Night 2013.

      .         Youth Armored Combat  --  Work on the new edition of both the main
      youth manual and the marshal's guide are underway now.  The release dates
      are subject to a number of discussions occurring at the Society level,
      amongst other things, but tentatively should occur by Twelfth Night 2013.
      If you have thoughts on the content of these documents, please send them to
      HL Jolgeirr Alarson at  [ <mailto:youth-combat@...> youth-combat
      (at) antir.sca.org].   


      Maestra Althaia filia Lazari

      Marshal, Lists Deputy, & Curia Clerk

      Member of Clan Carn & Dragon's Laire

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