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Fw: [antir-fighters] Kingdom Honored Marshal/Marshal of the Year

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  • Jean Colbert
    ... From: John de Percy Subject: [antir-fighters] Kingdom Honored Marshal/Marshal of the Year To: antir-fighters
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2 11:54 PM
      --- On Wed, 5/2/12, John de Percy <johndepercy@...> wrote:

      From: John de Percy <johndepercy@...>
      Subject: [antir-fighters] Kingdom Honored Marshal/Marshal of the Year
      To: "antir-fighters" <antir-fighters@...>, antir-marshals@..., "An Tir Archery" <antir-archery@...>
      Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 8:04 PM

      May Crown is swiftly approaching.  Since I last sent the missive below, I
      have received several recommendations for this year's Marshal of the Year
      recognition.  I'd like to put it out to the lists one more time for input.
      Please forward this to the Rapier and Equestrian lists, as well as the
      Avacal, Tir Righ and Summits list.



      Greetings.  Last year at May Crown, I was honored by being named Marshal of
      the Year for An Tir.  As May Crown is coming up, it is time to pass this
      honor on.  To that end, I am seeking input from the fighters and marshals of
      An Tir as to who the next recipient should be.

      Honored Marshal/Marshal of the Year is not at award in the Kingdom's OP.  It
      is simply a recognition of the effort an individual has put forth, so that
      others may enjoy the marshalate activities.  Nor is the recognition limited
      to those who marshal Armored Combat.  All marshals, in all activities in the
      Kingdom are eligible with the exception of those who currently serving as
      Kingdom or Principality Marshals or Deputies.

      Please send all recommendations for this honor to me, at johndepercy (at)
      holdren-net.us.  Please include the name, branch and a short description of
      why you think this person is worthy.

      Please feel free to forward this to any other lists, especially the Rapier &
      Equestrian lists.

      In service,

      HL John de Percy, GdS

      Arcuarius to HL Arion the Wanderer

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