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Fwd: [antir-marshals] Youth Combat Rules Committee-Please Forward

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  • Jean Colbert
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      Subject: [antir-marshals] Youth Combat Rules Committee-Please Forward


      We are going to do a whirlwind rewrite of the Youth Combat Rules.

      Anyone interested in the rules and seeing how the sausage is actually made,
      go to:


      And join up. Unlike the ABC's re-write I'm opening this up to pretty much
      anyone who feels like they have a stake in this.

      One thing I will say, this process is going to move fast. I need to get a
      rough Draft done by the end of March and have it wrapped up by the end of
      April. That means, although it's open for anyone to join, we will need to
      stay focused and on topic. People get very passionate when talking about
      their children, I understand that, but objectivity will be the word of the

      We should have working rules ready for TRMs and the Seneschal to sign off
      before May Crown.

      The first step is the .txt version that is in the files section will be
      converted to Word and re-organized into outline format.

      Thank you to the Kingdom Youth Combat Marshal for his work so far on this.
      Going forward he and I will be working hand-in-hand getting this document
      out and ready for use this season.

      Although I'm sending this out from my Wyddershin account, please contact me
      via earl-marshal@... which forwards to my Black_KSCA@...

      In Service,

      Sir Daniel

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